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The new Aprilia SR GT 200 would make for the perfect commuter in Manila traffic

The Italian manufacturer has released the new urban adventure scooter in Japan.

The new Aprilia SR GT 200 would make for the perfect commuter in Manila traffic

Scooters have grown from simple, no-frills two-wheelers to versatile, all-around vehicles in recent years. The Yamaha TMAX, and other maxi-scooters, ignited a renaissance in Europe and Asia, especially among two-wheeler aficionados looking for a simple and comfortable machine to tour with. Honda changed the game again a few years later when it debuted the X-ADV, a hybrid of a maxi-scooter and an adventure bike.

The adventure scooter market was established as a result, and Honda has stayed unchallenged in the large-displacement segment for the most part. Other manufacturers, on the other hand, attempted to make a mark in the smaller displacement category, particularly in the 200cc and below range. The ADV150 was Honda's baby version of the X-ADV, as was the case with several other manufacturers. This time, Aprilia is the manufacturer of the newest foray into the field of urban adventure scooters.

Aprilia SR GT 200

Aprilia, being part of the Piaggio group, is no stranger to scooters and commuter-focused bikes. In reality, it offers a variety of compact bikes tailored to Asian and European markets. However, the Italian company has presented the new scooter in the Japanese market, and it appears to be a good fit for a number of other Asian countries as well. The SR GT 200, like the Honda ADV150 and other scooters, is built to take on the urban jungle, which is notorious for potholes and uneven road surfaces. As a result, it has a long travel suspension system, chunky tires, and a broad handlebar for increased leverage.

The Aprilia design language is seamlessly blended into the aesthetics of this scooter. It borrows some stylistic influences from its bigger, sportier brothers, like as the RS660 sportbike's angry-looking front. The color schemes are also similar to Aprilia Factory Racing, indicating that the bike has Aprilia's racing DNA. The front fascia is made up of tri-LED lights that illuminate the route ahead for a safe and confident riding at night.

In terms of tech features and performance, the SR GT 200 features auto engine start and stop for improved fuel economy, as well as an optional tech kit that allows you to pair your phone while driving. A 174cc single-cylinder engine with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection provides the power. It produces 17.4 horsepower and is a nimble little commuter on city streets and backroads. In Japan, the new Aprilia SR GT 200 retails for the equivalent of about P280,000.

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