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LTO releases its first batch of new motorcycle plates

Doble-plaka Law

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has just released its first batch of motorcycle plates, made in accordance with Republic Act 11235 also known as the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act. A total of 90,000 sets of rear metal plates were released earlier today at 1 pm by LTO-National Capital Region West Regional Office to a select number of companies composed of motorcycle dealers from across the Philippines. However, only the rear plates were distributed, together with its corresponding RFID stickers. They have yet to distribute the motorcycle’s front plates in the form of a sticker. 

LTO Doble-Plaka Law

Atty. Clarence V. Guinto, regional director of LTO-NCR West, led the ceremonial launching of the newly designed motorcycle plates. It should be remembered that under the Implementing rules and regulations of RA 11235, motorcycle owners are now required to use a number sticker that measures 135mm by 85mm for the motorcycle’s front section, while the rear plate should measure 235mm by 135mm. 

RA 11235, also known as the “doble-plaka” law was criticized by the general public as it required motorcycle owners to have front plates installed to their motorbikes, which could be potentially dangerous because of the materials used and its large size. However, the LTO modified the size of its plates and its implementing rules now require the use of a decal or sticker material instead of a front plate, in the hopes of making it safer once it becomes available. 

The same law also has provisions that impose penalties coupled with imprisonment for riders who are caught using a motorcycle with missing, tampered, or damaged license plates. Harsher penalties are also imposed on people who fail to report to the LTO and the local police of the sale of a motorcycle within the prescribed period provided by RA 11235. Nonetheless, the general riding community considers the distribution of the first batch of number plates as a major step towards the full implementation of the “doble-plaka” law. Authorities maintain that there will be no apprehensions yet for violators of the new law. 

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