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KTM is reportedly reviving the 690 model range in partnership with Bajaj

Unlike before, however, the new 690 series will be powered by a parallel-twin engine.

KTM is reportedly reviving the 690 model range in partnership with Bajaj

KTM has achieved success by outsourcing the production of some of its models to partner companies in Asia, which is not a secret. KTM has a long-term partnership with Indian manufacturer Bajaj, where Bajaj develops and manufactures platforms for KTM. Similarly, KTM and the Chinese brand CFMOTO have been working together to produce more models, especially the 790 model range.

Not too long ago, it was almost a certainty that the Austrian manufacturer was going to release a new parallel-twin-powered model range with a displacement of around 500cc. These models, supposedly under the 490 lineup, generated a lot of excitement, especially in the Asian market. There was hope that Bajaj in India would develop and manufacture these bikes. Unfortunately, Pierer Mobility, the parent company of KTM, decided that the 490 segment would not provide the expected profits and therefore scrapped the project. However, the company found success with the Chinese-made 790 platform from CFMOTO, and it seems that KTM is now planning to develop a 690 platform based on the same.

KTM 790 Duke

What's interesting is that Bajaj will lead the development of the new 690 model range. This new line may appeal to riders who want to upgrade from the KTM 390 Duke but aren't quite ready for the power of the 790 Duke. It's important to note that the new 690 bikes will likely have smoother power delivery than the previous models, thanks to the more refined twin engine replacing the punchy single-cylinder engine.

With all that on the table, there is uncertainty about the specifics of the new bikes. Although we know that the engine will be based on the 790, it is not yet clear if the engine will be tweaked or if it will be a completely new engine. Additionally, the exact models that will be produced have not been confirmed yet. It is likely that the 690 range will have similar models as the 790 lineup, including a Duke street bike and an Adventure model. However, it would be interesting to see KTM develop other models, such as an RC 690 sportbike or a scaled-down Super Duke GT touring model.

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