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KTM is developing a 750 platform in partnership with CFMOTO

More affordable options in KTM’s model range coming soon.

KTM is developing a 750 platform in partnership with CFMOTO

Suffice it to say that CFMOTO has been killing it both in the local and international market as of late. The Chinese motorcycle company has just recently launched two highly anticipated machines in the local market—the 300SR and 700 CL-X. On top of that, the brand new 800 MT has just recently made its global debut, and will soon make its way to the international market. To make things even better, CFMOTO has just recently penetrated the European market with its highly successful 300 NK, 650 NK, 650 GT, and 650 MT.

While CFMOTO continues to bask in the glory of its rapid international growth and massive local success, the company also plays a major role behind the scenes of one of the world’s fastest growing, most aggressive manufacturers—none other than KTM. Having forged a partnership with the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer way back in 2011, CFMOTO started out by importing KTM’s low displacement bikes and selling them in the Chinese market. At the same time, CFMOTO continued honing its manufacturing expertise, until such time that KTM wanted more than just a distributorship agreement. 

KTM 790 Duke

The partnership advanced such that CFMOTO now manufactures KTM’s bikes for the region, and even co-develops a few models alongside the European giant, the first testimony of which comes in the form of the CFMOTO 800 MT. This time around, after having used KTM’s expertise in launching a premium, performance-oriented adventure bike, CFMOTO is returning the favor by allowing KTM to leverage on its mass-production capabilities and team of engineers to help in producing the latter’s new 750 range of motorcycles. Expected to break cover sometime in 2022, KTM will be launching a whole new lineup of bikes based on the 750 platform in the form of the 750 Duke, 750 Adventure, and 750 Supermoto.

With the recent introduction of the 890 range of bikes in the global market, it isn’t a far-fetched possibility that the upcoming 750 range of bikes will end up replacing the 790 bikes. The bikes in the 750 range will likely be positioned right in the middle of the premium 890 range and the upcoming, more beginner-friendly 490 range, which is currently being developed by Indian motorcycle giant Bajaj. 

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