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Kawasaki Team Green Racing Cup ZX-25R racing series launched in Japan

For those who want to maximize the full potential of their ZX-25Rs.

2020 Kawasaki ZX-25R

The Kawasaki ZX-25R is considered by many as the embodiment of the renaissance in the small-displacement sportbike segment. Back in the 80s and 90s, sub-400cc multi-cylinder engines were all the rage with their sky high RPM limits and unmistakable exhaust notes. Alas, the dawn of the new millennium saw the rise of high displacement monstrosities capable of ungodly speeds, and with that the fall of small capacity multi-cylinder sportbikes. 

Rumors of a Kawasaki Ninja bearing the same ethos as the legendary bikes of decades past began floating around a couple of years ago. In 2019, Kawasaki unveiled what could quite possibly have been the most anticipated bike in the modern era: the Ninja ZX-25R. Although receiving lackluster reception in the local market—and understandably so—the ZX-25R’s 249cc inline-four engine quickly propelled the bike into grassroots racing across Asia, particularly in Japan. 

Ninja Team Green Racing Cup

With the Kawasaki ZX-25R designed specifically to be ridden on track, it was just a matter of time before Team Green actually went ahead and launched a racing series specifically for this bike. That being said, Kawasaki has officially lanced the Ninja Team Green Cup 2021 exclusively for ZX-25R owners in Japan who want to make the most out of their bikes. 

In order to qualify for a slot in the Ninja Team Green Cup, you must of course, be an owner of a ZX-25R, and join meetings and training sessions entitled “KAZE Circuit Meeting.” Once you’ve developed your track-riding aptitude, you can now enter in the Team Green Trial sessions—a taste of the full-fledged racing experience. Of course, in order to advance into actual grid racing, riders will need to secure a  Motorcycle Federation of Japan (MFJ) racing license, as well as all the appropriate gear required for racing. 

As mentioned above, the Ninja Team Green Racing Cup is exclusive to Japan at the moment. However, it’s exciting to see what could quite potentially transform into an exciting racing league, that just might make it to other parts of the world. 

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