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Honda’s planning to develop new electric scooter platforms for India

In response to the growing demand for electric mobility, Honda responds.

Honda Electric Motorcycles India

Big Red’s got its sights set on India, with plans in the works to develop new electric scooter platforms for the Indian market. The Japanese brand further looking into the prospect of electric scooters for developing markets, and it has quite a lot of technologies up its sleeve to tackle the challenge of going electric. 

For starters, the brand is developing rechargeable batteries that can be swapped out on the fly for added range. This would help eliminate the need to look for charging stations, which would be a challenge given underdeveloped infrastructure. This kind of technology is only one of many that may find its way into the new models that it's developing for the Indian market. 

Honda Swappable Batteries

According to GaadiWaadi, the first electric scooter from Honda would probably be an electric version of the successful Honda Activa scooter. The model is considered one of the most popular scooters in the country, and it could do well for Honda as an electric model. Regardless of what the new electric model will be called, sources point to the first electric scooter launching in India by 2023. 

Development for the new motorcycle will be done between Honda Japan and the Indian arm of Honda called Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI). HMSI and Honda Japan will work closely together to create new platforms and technologies for electric scooters and motorcycles for the market. Electric mobility is more viable than you think in the developing nation, as the Indian government is giving out subsidies to buyers, incentivizing them to go green in addition to cutting out the reliance on fossil fuels. 

Honda could strike gold in India, and the new platforms that HMSI and Honda Japan jointly develop could find their way into other third-world countries such as regions in South East Asia which include the Philippines. It’s probably a good move to keep an eye out for this since Honda Philippines could follow suit depending on the success of the models in the Indian market. 

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