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Honda unveils its new Forza 750 maxiscooter

Official specs, tech, and features are finally out.

Honda Forza 750

After several weeks of teasing with videos and photos, Honda has finally launched its latest maxiscooter offering for 2021, the Forza 750. Riding on the global success of its smaller siblings launched at the 2020 Bangkok International Motor Show, the Forza lineup now grows with the addition of a big-bore, distance-munching machine.

Honda Forza 750

The Forza 750, follows a sporty design language that appeals to urban travelers just like its smaller siblings, the Forza 125 and 300. At this point, it comes as no surprise that the new Forza 750 borrows the same engine found on the X-ADV and Integra. IT has the same bore and stroke, capacity, and compressions ratio. It is powered by a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, parallel-twin cylinder engine with a 745 cc displacement. The Forza 750’s engine is capable of churning out 55 hp at 6,750 RPM and 70 Nm of torque at 4,750 RPM. 

Honda Forza 750

Yet, one of the biggest highlights of the Forza 750’s sporty nature is the addition of selectable riding modes. Standard mode brings a balanced mid-point between power delivery, engine braking, and traction control, with high ABS intervention. Sport brings a more aggressive power delivery and braking, but lower traction control intervention and high ABS. Rain mode brings a more subdued power delivery and braking, with high traction control intervention and ABS input. USER mode allows for customized options of low, medium, and high engine power delivery, engine braking, and traction control. 

Honda Forza 750

The Forza 750 engine delivers a frugal fuel economy rating with Honda claiming that a full tank of the maxiscooter can give you a range of about 400 km before fuel stops if ridden carefully. Just like the X-ADV, the new Forza 450’s engine is mated to a 6-speed dual-clutch-transmission (DCT) system. This gives its riders the option to either leave it in drive and allow its transmission system to do the gear shifting for you or flick through the gears with the switches on the handlebar. It is linked through the maxiscooter’s ride-by-wire throttle system with three selectable shifting schedules and one customizable User mode. Level 1 is the most relaxed and shifts early on, with Level 4 being the most aggressive. 

Stopping duties are provided by the same braking setup seen on the X-ADV with twin discs and radially mounted Nissin four-piston calipers for the front and single-disc for the rear. It comes equipped with a two-channel ABS system. Keeping the bike aloft and soaking up road bumps comes in the form of 41mm forks for the front, and a monoshock and pro-link setup for the rear. Both offer a non-adjustable 120mm of travel. 

The Forza 750 also incorporates a rider interface that can be viewed through its 5-inch TFT display with Honda Smartphone Voice Control system. This allows the system to link the rider to their smartphone while on the move, allowing voice management of phone calls, email, music, and navigation. To make use of the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system, a helmet-mounted headset would be needed, while at the same time being controlled through the left-hand switch control cluster. 

Honda Forza 750

Honda Philippines has not made any official announcement yet as to if or when they would be introducing the new Forza 750 to the Philippines. Should any new announcements come to us, we’ll be sure to keep you all posted for any more updates.

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