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Honda honors its modern-day heroes on two-wheels

Not all heroes wear costumes, some of them ride Honda motorcycles.

Honda Click 150i

Amidst the daily challenges that the current situation of the COVID-19 global pandemic has brought us, the country’s economy was forced to a complete halt which affected many lives of Filipinos. However, despite the hardship, there are those few who chose to rise above the occasion without letting the global crisis stop them from giving a helping hand to those in need. While lockdowns and quarantine measures could have hampered our mobility with public transportation still operating at a limited capacity, these unsung heroes respected and recognized by Honda Philippines Inc. still continued to go above and beyond just to help their fellow countrymen in this time of struggle.

Mark Rollon, an owner of the new XRM125 organized a poster-making contest for his community to help people have a sense of togetherness and put everyone’s mental well-being back in check. He donated the supplies and materials to be used for the contest so parents in the community could express their hardships through art. During the contest, facemasks were also given away to the families to make sure they abide by the quarantine guidelines of the community. 

Hush Aguelo, a proud Honda Click 150i owner, and founder of the “Cebu Tabang Express” humanitarian group of motorcycle riders offers free delivery services of essential needs like groceries and medicines for less fortunate people in Cebu. Aguelo said, “We aim to deliver groceries, parcels, and even buy medicine for seniors, minors, pregnant, disabled, people without access to the internet and delivery services, and people without quarantine passes. We’re a free delivery courier delivering essentials.” All of his efforts were made riding his ever-reliable Honda scooter. 

Meanwhile, Jessa Cayago, a teacher, volunteer, and single mother uses the Honda Genio 110 not only to attend the needs of her growing baby but also the youth of tomorrow. While riding along with her fellow members of the Laguna Genio Riders group for a charity ride, they came across a group of starving street children while en route to their next destination. They decided to make sure to prepare some food for these kids and come back for them, hoping that they would still be there upon their return. 

Thank God, they were still out there. We came back to the place where we saw the street children, and there we gave them all the food we prepared. It really touched our hearts to see the smile on their face. We usually count the blessings we receive but should also make our blessings count.

Lastly, Jerson Zuniga, a Honda XRM125 owner and President of the XRM Biker’s Club (XBC) Iligan Chapter took his riders group alongside to make sure that the children of today, who are also the leaders of tomorrow, be properly equipped for their education in order for them to have a brighter future. Zuniga, together with the XBC Iligan Chapter donated boxes of bond papers to help teachers defray their expenses in making and printing learning modules for their students last August 23.

They also did an outreach activity to help an orphaned family, which included a pregnant sister. The group donated and brought food supplies, clothes, and other necessities for the orphaned siblings. Zuniga said, “Our aim is to share as much as we can, even if it is small shares, to help the teachers make the modules the students will use for remote learning. We also shared with the orphans so that they have food and clothing. No matter how small the sacrifice, if many will share, all will have enough.”

Honda Phlippines Inc., the number one motorcycle manufacturer in the country is proud to share these inspiring stories of these four amazing individuals helping fellow Filipinos fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Their act of selflessness was all done with their favorite Honda motorcycles as their tool of choice. Their actions and experiences truly personify Honda’s “ONE DREAM” campaign which lets Filipinos experience the joy of mobility while helping each other through these difficult times. 

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