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Harley-Davidson could be reviving the Bronx naked streetfighter

The MoCo recently re-registered the moniker in the US Patent and Trademark Office

Harley-Davidson could be reviving the Bronx naked streetfighter

When Harley-Davidson unveiled the Bronx concept in 2019, it was evident that this was no ordinary motorcycle. The Bronx broke the traditional Harley mold complete with a sportbike-like frame, sophisticated suspension, and a groundbreaking engine named the Revolution Max. The Revolution Max motor would go on to power the Pan America adventure bike and Sportster S neo-retro cruiser. Additionally, a smaller version of the engine can now be found in the recently introduced Nightster. 

The Bronx's destiny was sealed in 2020, when new Harley CEO Jochen Zeitz declared that some models will be discontinued. The Bronx was unfortunately one of these models, since it was removed off Harley's website. Instead of luring younger, sportier riders, the MoCo focused on a new type of rider: adventure riders, who were not necessarily younger than its current fan base. The Pan America remains a formidable ADV competitor, and it was definitely a risky decision on the part of MoCo, given it was the brand's first motorbike that wasn't a cruiser.

Harley Davidson Bronx Concept

Following the Pan America, it was believed that Harley-Davidson would release a new sporty motorcycle. Fans of the Bronx believed it'd be the ride they were seeking, but the Sportster S would not be the sporty motorcycle we anticipated. It's a wonderful bike—powerful, eye-catching, and incredibly stylish—but it nevertheless adhered to the outmoded Harley cruiser base. The Nightster, which was just announced, takes things even further back and is even more of a classic cruiser than its bigger sibling.

Given the recent launch of the Nightster, is Harley done experimenting with bikes outside of the cruiser segment? Maybe not, as  Harley-Davidson filed a patent for the Bronx name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in April 2022. Could this suggest that the Bronx could once again make it to the spotlight, hopefully this time as a production model? As of the moment,  Harley has yet to issue any official announcements, so we'll have to wait and see.

Nevertheless, it will be thrilling to see the Bronx resurrected, since Harley-Davidson had big plans for it. With the 975cc Revolution Max engine now installed in the Nightster, the MoCo should have little trouble reconfiguring this mill for sportier purposes. Furthermore, the 2019 Bronx prototype included adjustable suspension and a package of sophisticated electronic rider aids, which will no doubt appeal to those looking for a sporty, unique two-wheeler. 

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