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Energica Experia all-electric adventure-tourer unveiled

It will reportedly offer the longest range of any electric motorcycle on the market.

Energica Experia Green Tourer

Energica Motor Company, the rising Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer, has unveiled the Experia Green Tourer, an all-electric adventure-tourer poised to shake up the market. With its large battery pack and fast charging capabilities, the Experia looks to be an attractive proposition.

The core of what makes the Experia different in a fast-growing electric motorcycle market is its 22.5 kWh maximum-rated battery with 19.6 kWh of usable power. It’s capable of Level 1 and Level 2 DC Fast Charging, meaning you can charge it quickly at home and at public charging stations. 

More than that, it has 75 kW (100 hp) of peak power and 60 kW (80 hp) of nominal power on tap, putting it at par with some of the more potent gas-powered middleweight adventure-tourers available today. Optimized for range, the motor and battery pack combine to give the Experia a manufacturer range estimate of 420 km in the city and 209 km on the highway. Those are impressive figures that, according to Energica, make the Experia Green Tourer the longest-range production electric motorcycle in the world.

[The Energica Experia Green Tourer is] the most nimble and maneuverable machine Energica has ever made, allowing riders to tap into their wanderlust by offering the longest range of any electric motorcycle on the market.
Energica Experia Green Tourer

The Experia is only the fourth model from Energica. It’s built from scratch on a new frame with a new steering angle and body panels. While it’s still on the heavy side at 260 kg, the Experia already benefits from weight-saving advancements with its motor. Energica says it designed its newest model for comfort while also emphasizing the sporty aesthetic we’ve come to know from the brand.

Energica Experia Green Tourer

In terms of features, the Experia Green Tourer packs a five-inch color TFT display, a pair of USB ports on the dash, and additional USB ports inside the lockable waterproof storage compartment. Spring for the Launch Edition and you’ll get hard case panniers with 112 liters of added storage space. The Launch Edition also adds red aluminum rims, special bar ends, and heated hand grips, among other goodies.

The Energica Experia Green Tourer is available for pre-order from all Energica stores worldwide as of June 1, 2022. Deliveries will reportedly begin in a few short months. Energica is not present in the Philippines, however, so those awaiting the model shouldn’t hold their breaths just yet.

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