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Ducati unveils striking Diavel 1260 Black and Steel edition

An eye-catching combo of colors.

Ducati unveils striking Diavel 1260 Black and Steel edition

The Ducati Diavel is quite possibly the pinnacle of cruiser performance in the modern motorcycling world. Outperforming nearly all other cruisers in the market from a sheer performance standpoint, it’s safe to say that the Diavel 1260 sits in a class of its own as something of a super cruiser. The Ducati Diavel is a rather popular bike, especially in the Philippine market, and is loved for its impressive power, aggressive styling, and rich heritage. 

Ducati has never been one to shy away from launching special edition variants of its bikes. Last year, the House of Borgo Panigale unveiled a special edition Diavel. Donning a gorgeous combo of dark matte green and bronze, the Ducati Diavel Lamborghini edition was created in partnership with the legendary Italian automotive icon. For 2021, Ducati has bestowed the Diavel 1260 with a special edition colorway yet again.

Ducati Diavel 1260 Black and Steel

Inspired by the 2019 “Materico” concept unveiled in the Milan Design Week, the bike was designed to commemorate the talents of some of Italy’s finest artists and designers. The Ducati Diavel Materico was never meant to become a production model. However, the new Black and Steel edition is a fitting commemoration to the Materico concept. The new Ducati Diavel 1260 Black and Steel Edition feature an elegant black and yellow livery—in a style which gives the bike a younger, more refreshing vibe. With asymmetrical graphics and sharp contrasting visual elements, the Diavel 1260’s styling is now as sharp as the sting of a bee, and has given this gracefully aging cruiser a refreshing new look. 

"The Diavel 1260 family, synonymous with style, innovation, and performance, has won prestigious international design awards such as the 'Red Dot Award' and the 'Good Design Award'. We are really pleased to present this new version in Milan, a city that has always represented a world reference in this area. "

While we have yet to confirm whether or not Ducati Philippines will be releasing the Diavel Black and Steel edition in the Philippines, the current Diavel 1260 is available starting at P1,490,000. A more premium version, the Diavel 1260 S is also available for P1,725,000. 

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