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Ducati unveils the Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro for 2021

Black, stealthy, and in a more affordable package.

Ducati Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro

Ducati’s Scrambler range has successfully given the Bologna brand a much wider reach attracting even newer riders to get into the motorcycle scene. With that, Ducati has expanded the Scrambler range to more than 10 versions of the model from its 400, 803, and 1100 cc range. For 2021, they have expanded its Icon Dark version, previously available in its 800 cc line, and branched up to its liter-class line. 

Scrambler 1100 Icon Dark Pro

Taking from the 800 cc Scrambler Icon Dark, the 2021 Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro is intended to be a more basic, affordable, entry-level version of the bigger Scrambler 1100 range. While both the Scrambler 1100 Pro and Sport Pro enjoy more premium fit and finish along with branded suspension kits, the new Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro is still virtually identical to both models but fitted with more conventional mirrors, a plain satin black paint-job, and natural anodized aluminum parts, bringing a more affordable package to the lineup. 

Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro
Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro

It features the same matte black and silver livery, a signature look for Ducati’s Dark models. Yet, it’s still virtually the same bike. It carries over the 1,079 Desmodromic L-twin engine, upside-down front fork paired with a Kayaba mono-shock for the rear, and 10-spoke alloy wheels. It also still has Ducati’s electronic suite for tech and safety which includes traction control, cornering ABS, and three selectable riding modes.

Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro

The Scambler 1100 Dark Pro perfectly caters to those who are looking for a no-frills ride in a liter-bike retro package. At the same time, presenting itself as a perfect starting point for custom builders. While it doesn’t necessarily have Ducati’s latest engineering and technological advancements, it will still surely attract new customers to the Scrambler lineup. It is scheduled to hit Ducati’s global dealership network by the end of October. Ducati Philippines still hasn’t made any official announcement just yet as to the arrival of the new Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro. In any case, we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled and ears open for any more updates. 

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