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Ducati Philippines releases the first batch of its 2024 Next-Gen Scramblers

Two Next-Gen units have been officially turned over to their owners, followed by one Scrambler 1100 Tribute Pro from the previous generation.

2024 Ducati Scrambler First Release

Ducati Philippines recently unveiled its Next-Gen model for the Scrambler Ducati brand. The Italian bike maker’s newest icons are now available for a starting price of P670,000 for the standard Scrambler Icon

However, with the Scrambler brand going for just the Icon isn’t enough, and thus the Next-Gen Nightshift and Next-Gen Full Throttle were both also made available at launch. Would-be and loyal Ducatisti inquired, and the first few units of Next-Gen models have officially been turned over today, at Ducati Manila in Katipunan Avenue. Three units were turned over, two of which were the Next-Gen Scramblers. 

2024 Scrambler Ducati Philippines First Release

The first Next-Gen Scrambler was the Full Throttle. Colored black and red, and following the theme of flat trackinng, this neo-retro-red Ducati brings a character that is perfect for the urban warrior. The new owner has been “manifesting” the bike ever since it was unveiled in Europe last year. When she was presented with the opportunity to put a downpayment, she gave the full amount, a testament to the excitement and the manifestation saved up since last year. 

2024 Scrambler Ducati Philippines First Release

Following that, a Next-Gen Scrambler Ducati Nightshift was up for release. Again, another hotly-anticipated model in the Scrambler lineup. The proud owner of this Nightshift was yet another lady rider who loved the style and the brand. 

2024 Scrambler Ducati Philippines First Release

With the first two Next-Gen Scramblers out of the way, a special release was also done, but this time for the previous-generation Scrambler 1100 in its Tribute Pro trim. The Tribute Pro happens to be one of the last special editions foir the Scrambler 1100, and having it at the first-ever turnover ceremony had its symbolic implications as well—a passing of the torch if you will. 

2024 Scrambler Ducati Philippines First Release

The new owners of the Next-Gen Scrambler Ducatis were officially recognized today, as number one and number two on Ducati Philippines’ sales list. More to come says the brand. The reservation list for the Next-Gen Scramblers is growing, and more and more customers are putting in their orders in. Ducati Philippines has more releases on the way, the question is, are you next? 

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