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Could we see the Honda ADV 160 in the Philippines soon?

It would beat the Yamaha NMAX by just a few cubes.

2020 Honda ADV 150

A few weeks ago, Honda updated the PCX 150 to now feature a 157cc engine, effectively changing its name to PCX 160. The new scooter features a bump in displacement to account for tightening emissions regulations across multiple markets. That being said, is there a chance that Honda will be updating its hotshot adventure scooter, the ADV 150, to feature the same updated engine as the newly updated PCX 160?

In the Philippines, the Honda ADV 150 made its debut exactly a year ago. That said, it’s still a rather new offering in the market, although we are starting to see a lot of these scooters on the road. Realistically, the Honda ADV 160 could make its global debut next year. However, for other countries, the Honda ADV 150 isn’t even available yet. Subsequently, the Honda ADV 150 is slated for launch in Malaysia and other Asian markets this year. Interestingly, the scooter was also recently launched in the North American market, making it one of the first scooters of this class to be launched as a global model.

2020 Honda ADV 150

If and when the Honda ADV 160 breaks cover, chances are it will come with the same engine found on the PCX 160. As far as styling and design is concerned, we can expect the ADV 160 to look nearly identical to the ADV 150 especially given the fact that the overall design of the ADV 150 is still rather new. That said, the main reason Honda is updating its engines to feature slightly higher displacement is to account for stricter emissions standards especially in Europe and Asia. The reason behind this is that the slightly higher power output from a bigger engine affords the engine slightly less strain when operating at certain loads, as opposed to lower displacement units. This results in more fuel efficiency and overall cleaner emissions.

The new 157cc eSP+ engine features a 4-valve cylinder head, liquid cooling, and Honda’s PGM-Fi fuel injection system. It pumps out an adequate 15.8 hp, and also comes with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). At present, the Honda ADV 150 continues being a popular choice among scooter enthusiasts looking for a versatile machine that’s easy and practical to ride. Priced at P149,000, the ADV 150 is one of the most expensive scooters in its class, however it can be argued that it’s one of the most capable as well.

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