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Could the Suzuki SV650 go turbo according to patents?

A turbocharged twin-cylinder engine could be in the works.

Suzuki SV650 Patent

Earlier this month, news came out about Suzuki working on updating its aging SV650 middleweight naked to keep up not only with the competition but with homologation requirements as well. As new motorcycles are now moving into Euro 5 compliance territory, Suzuki is taking this as an opportune moment for the Japanese motorcycle brand to give the SV650 some much-needed updates. Patents of the new motorcycle started circulating online supporting this theory, and from the looks of the sketches, a lot of significant changes are starting to show. 

The upcoming SV650 has a story that’s deeply rooted in the Suzuki Recursion turbo-charged twin-cylinder concept, which happens to be just as old as the SV650 itself. Now, as Suzuki is already working on replacing one of the most iconic and best-selling middleweight motorcycles from its lineup, the Japanese motorcycle brand is now ready to take on the likes of the MT-07, the Honda CB650R, and the upcoming Triumph Trident. The middleweight naked market is now turning into an even more hotly contested segment. 

Suzuki SV650 Patent

While the patent sketches didn’t give much detail in terms of specs and tech, compared to the first patent sketches that came out a few months ago, it does demonstrate its close relationship to the Recursion concept, a machine that in itself, seems to be also moving forward in boosted-from. Deviating from the previous V-twin configuration, the side-by-side images of the engine show the parallel-twin turbo version (on the left), and non-turbo (on the right). While a lot of differences can be gleaned from the two, its overall dimensions and sizes of the units still remain strikingly similar. This could mean that in the near future, upon release of the new SV650, riders can now opt for either a turbocharged or a normally aspirated version of the motorcycle. 

Apart from the engine, the new motorcycle also seems to be making use of a more cost-effective mixture of a tubular frame that joins the steering head to the engine, and a cast alloy backbone running beneath the rider’s seat. Details about its swingarm, suspension, and braking system can be found from the recent patents. This just goes to show that Suzuki still isn’t done working on the bike. Yet the seat unit, tail section, and subframe are taking shape closer to its final form.

The fuel tank seems to extend underneath the rider’s seat. The space between the fuel tank’s front section and the triple clamp could make way for a much larger airbox that normally would reside behind the engine. Meanwhile, the contoured rider and pillion seats also seem to be closer to its final design stages, if not close to being finished already. With the footpegs still out of sight from the sketches, we could still get a rough idea of how the rider’s stance will end up with the bike’s geometry, much like the Yamaha MT-07’s rear-set stance. All in all, the changes being introduced by Suzuki just shows how they’re ready to take the middleweight naked segment by the horns with the new SV650. 

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