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Could future Honda motorcycles come with a drone?

The company has filed a patent for a drone-equipped motorcycle.

Honda patents drone-equipped motorcycle

Just a couple of years ago, drones were seen as highly specialized equipment designed for use in reconnaissance missions by the military. Science fiction has painted a rather badass picture of what drones ought to be used for, thanks to the various movies depicting armed drones launching missile strikes on enemy targets. While drones of this nature do exist, and have their own niche in the battlefield, a less violent purpose for drones has emerged in recent years. 

These days, for as low as P10,000, you can purchase your very own drone equipped with an HD camera. This enables the average person to capture amazing footage, practically redefining the very essence of home videos as we know it. Apart from videography and photography, there are quite a few other practical applications for drones. In fact, Honda has filed a patent that illustrates a drone-equipped motorcycle. Does this mean that future bikes from Honda will come standard with a drone?

Honda patents drone-equipped motorcycle

The patent document illustrates a drone equipped with 4 propellers housed in the tail section of what appears to be a sportbike. Given the fact that this setup has been configured for use on a motorcycle, the drone would definitely have to be completely automated. That said, the rider should be able to release the drone with a flip of a switch, and the drone itself should be able to fly independently. Likewise, it should be able to land safely and securely back onto the tail of the motorcycle even at speed. Pretty cool, right? 

Now if you’re wondering why you would even need such a feature, then you’re not alone. Even Honda itself has been pretty vague regarding the use of their drone-equipped motorcycle. This hints that this concept becoming a reality is still rather far down the road. However, there are a few uses of such a setup. For starters, drones are currently being used as unmanned delivery vehicles for emergency supplies in certain situations. Could this be the future of food delivery? This setup may also very well be an enthusiast-specific option designed for racing aficionados seeking to capture amazing footage of their track days. It could also be used as a safety feature, with the drone scanning traffic up ahead, and relaying information back to the rider. 

Whatever the purpose, it’s pretty cool that Honda continues to find ways to innovate its products and gear the brand towards the future. With innovations like this only now beginning to surface, there’s no telling just what the future holds for the motorcycle industry. 

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