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Could the 2022 SYM Husky ADV be a worthy rival to the Honda ADV 150?

The Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer unveiled the new adventure scooter at EICMA 2021.

2022 SYM Husky ADV

When Honda released the ADV 150 in the local market, scooter enthusiasts practically lost their minds at this unique, new offering from the world’s most popular motorcycle manufacturer. A lot of those who ended up buying the ADV 150 were fans of the X-ADV, the machine responsible for kicking off the whole adventure-scooter craze. While the X-ADV packs a lot of power for a hefty price tag, the ADV 150 presented itself as an affordable, attainable, and practical commuter scooter with light off-road capabilities. 

The hype over the Honda ADV 150 isn’t limited to just the Philippines, or Southeast Asia for that matter. The scooter was so well-received, that American Honda decided to release it in the North American market, where it continues to be a popular runabout in multiple states. The success and popularity of the ADV 150 is proof that there is indeed space in the lightweight adventure scooter segment. Brands like Kymco and Malaysian company WMoto have capitalized on this with their own adventure-style offerings. At EICMA 2021, Taiwanese motorcycle maker SYM did the same.


They’re calling it the Husky ADV—not to be confused with the Swedish company Husqvarna, the Husky ADV looks like SYM’s direct response to the Honda ADV 150. If you put the two scooters side-by-side, it’ll be hard to choose between the two. Chances are, your brand preference will dictate the choice you’re going to make. That being said, the Husky ADV is equipped with all the tell-tale features of an adventure-ready scooter. It rolls on dual-purpose rubber, and is suspended by long travel front and rear suspension. The rear shock setup, in particular, is rather interesting, as it uses an off-set, transverse-mounted, monoshock, similar to what we see in full-size enduro motorcycles. 

It draws power from a 150cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder motor pumping out 14.4 horsepower, putting it in the same ballpark, performance-wise, as its Japanese competitor. It comes to a stop by way of large front and rear disc brakes equipped with dual-channel ABS. In terms of features, it looks like SYM has the upper hand, as the Husky ADV features a full-color TFT display with automatic brightness adjustment depending on ambient lighting. Of course, it gets a full suite of LED lights which guarantees confidence-inspiring nighttime visibility. 

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