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Confirmed: the new-generation KTM RC 200 is coming to the Philippines

If you have a spare P198,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you could grab this little sportbike that’s Ready to Race!

2022 KTM RC200

The RC, KTM's lightweight sportbike chassis, has recently received a much-needed overhaul. The KTM RC 200 has stayed almost unchanged in terms of style and performance after five years in the market. The RC 200, as well as the bigger RC 390, have been completely redesigned for the 2022 model year.

KTM RC 200 Gauge Cluster

While the new aesthetics package has received mixed reviews, there's no disputing that the electronic functions on the latest generation RC sportbikes have improved. This is where the RC 200, a sportbike that resembles the RC 390 in appearance, comes into play. The RC 200 has always been a model of aspiration, ideal for people who want a taste of big bike performance in a more manageable package. It has a snappy 199cc single-cylinder engine with roughly 25 horsepower that is novice friendly. As a result, even the most routine journeys become thrilling rides.

Well, as it would turn out, the new KTM RC 200 is indeed coming to the Philippines. It will be priced at a substantial premium over its predecessor, though, at P198,000, as opposed to the old model’s P162,000 price tag. That said, what can we expect from the new bike? Well, for starters, it gets whole new bodywork, new wheels, and improved electronic features, too. On the performance side of things, the engine has been reworked to be Euro 5-compliant, and features a redesigned, under-belly exhaust system. It’s still a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 199cc, single-cylinder engine pumping out 25 horsepower.

2022 KTM RC 200

In terms of styling, gone is the slim and svelte race fairing. In its place is a larger, more bulky fairing with a large LED headlight in the middle—reminiscent of that on the RC8 1190. The wheels, too, are different, with five-spoke, lightweight alloy wheels now standard. Perhaps the best part is the revised electronics package. While the old bike got a digital calculator-esque instrument panel that was extremely hard to read, the new one gets a TFT display, similar to that of its bigger, more expensive siblings. As is the case with all new models, the bike comes standard with dual-channel ABS.  

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