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Take a sneak peek at Can-Am’s upcoming electric motorcycles

The Canadian manufacturer recently released a teaser video highlighting the upcoming Origin and Pulse electric motorbikes.

Take a sneak peek at Can-Am’s upcoming electric motorcycles

Powersports specialist Can-Am from Canada has put out a sneak peek video of a fresh electric motorcycle being ridden on roads and rough terrain. Even though the description doesn't say directly, it's likely that the bike in the video is Can-Am's electric dual-sport model called the Origin. Even though the video demonstrates the bike's abilities on different surfaces, it doesn't provide much detailed information about the electric motorcycle.

Based on the video content, it seems that the Origin is fitted with larger 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels designed for off-road use. The electric dual-sport also prominently features an inverted front fork and a rear monoshock suspension. The bike's braking is managed by front and rear disc brakes for stopping power. An interesting design element is the utilization of a single-sided swingarm, contributing to the bike's sporty appearance.

In addition to the Origin, Can-Am is expected to introduce another model named the Pulse, aimed at urban riding. Can-Am describes the Pulse as a motorcycle that offers a harmonious and nimble riding experience, aiming to connect riders with the vibrant city environment. While the description might sound a bit vague, it's evident that the Pulse is designed for city commuting, in contrast to the Origin's off-road capabilities. The Pulse is depicted with alloy wheels, shorter suspension, and smaller dimensions compared to the Origin, emphasizing its urban-oriented design.

Although the specific power and range details of the upcoming Can-Am electric motorcycles remain unknown, it's clear that they will come with advanced technology. For starters, Can-Am has already revealed that these motorcycles will be equipped with Rotax E-Power motors. The company has also emphasized that these bikes will have the ability to reach fast speeds suitable for highways, offering substantial horsepower and torque. Additional technological features include LED lights, a spacious TFT display, and level-2 fast-charging capability.

Despite having all these details, there's still some time before these bikes become available for riding. Can-Am is targeting the summer of 2024 for the worldwide debut of the electric motorcycles, and they plan to start delivering them to customers before 2024 draws to a close.

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