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CFMOTO teases high-performance sportbike concept

We can’t wait to see this bike in the flesh.

CFMOTO teases high-performance sportbike concept

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the fact that Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have been stepping up their game, not only in terms of overall quality and reliability, but performance, as well. While there still continue to be made-in-China motorcycles with questionable quality control, several name brands such as Benelli and CFMOTO have proven to the world that they are capable of competing with more established bike makers.

CFMOTO, in particular, has been flexing its muscles both in the local and international market. Needless to say, all of its motorcycles offer extremely enticing value for money in a package that’s reliable, dependable, and loaded with performance. Certainly, the company’s partnership with Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM is beginning to pay dividends, as the company’s model portfolio continues improving with updates to existing models and new and exciting bikes like the CFMOTO 800MT and 700 CL-X Sport. Having said that, it would appear that CFMOTO is working on a new motorcycle; a bike that’ll certainly change the sportbike game once it’s officially revealed.


In a teaser on its official Facebook page, CFMOTO shows us images of what appears to be a concept high-performance sportbike. It doesn’t go into any details surrounding the specifications of the bike, however, it does state that it has been designed by the company’s R&D team in Europe. The motorcycle sports unmistakable sportbike styling with an extremely aggressive supersport stance. A beautiful single-sided swingarm displays the sophisticated rear wheel design in all its glory, while the bike is shod in stealthy black paint, with complementing red accents. A closer look at the renderings reveal that the bike even has winglets constructed out of asymmetrical-weave carbon-fiber.With underpinnings and bodywork like this, it begs the question: what lies beneath the fairings? 

Well, your guess would be as good as ours. However, given CFMOTO’s relationship with KTM, there are two directions this concept bike could possibly take. For one, we could find an iteration of the 800cc LC8 parallel twin we find in the 800MT adventure bike. Since the 800MT is modelled after KTM’s 790 Adventure, this upcoming sportbike could very well be cast from the same mold as the RC 8C. Other than that, we could also see the first production use of the KTM 990cc V-Twin under CFMOTO ownership. The Chinese motorcycle manufacturer acquired the rights to this engine a couple of years ago, and intends to use it in an upcoming range of street bikes. 

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