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CFMOTO offers radar blind spot detection with new ​​800 MT Explore Edition

Dual-sport tires from Michelin and a massive 8-inch TFT display are some neat add-ons, too.

CFMOTO offers radar blind spot detection with new ​​800 MT Explore Edition

Since partnering with KTM, there has been a considerable improvement in the technology and performance of CFMOTO's machines. CFMOTO doesn't hide the fact that it employs KTM technology in its bikes, and it appears to be working for them, particularly when it comes to establishing a strong global presence. CFMOTO is widely regarded as one of the best Chinese-made motorcycle manufacturers.

We recently discussed the new 800 NK, which uses technology from the KTM 790 Duke. CFMOTO has released an improved version of the 800 MT adventure bike named the Explore Edition this time around. The Explore Edition, billed as the top model in the 800 MT portfolio, brings a slew of new features to the table, as well as a few modifications that make it a better long-distance tourer.

CFMOTO 800 MT Explore Edition

To begin, CFMOTO has outfitted the 800 MT Explore Edition with a sophisticated blind spot monitoring system driven by radar sensors mounted in the rear of the motorbike. This makes lane changes significantly safer, especially at night and in low visibility situations. To accommodate the radar technology, the 800 MT Explore Edition now features a larger TFT screen that measures eight inches. The device is now touchscreen and has Bluetooth connectivity as well as voice control.

The 800 MT Explore Edition has been outfitted with Michelin dual-sport tires for off-road adventures. The electronics, notably the traction control system, have also been improved for a smoother, more intuitive ride. Aside from that, the engine stays unchanged. The 800 MT is powered by a variant of the KTM LC8C engine, with some differences in tuning. It produces 95 horsepower and 54 pound-feet of torque in the 800 MT. J.Juan hardware is used for braking, with two 320-millimeter rotors up front and a single 260-millimeter rotor at the back.

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