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Would you like to see the new and improved Yamaha BW’S in the Philippines?

Yamaha has just updated this rugged little scooter in Taiwan, is there a place for it on Philippine roads?

2023 Yamaha BW'S

Scooters play a vital role as a primary mode of transportation in many Asian countries, particularly in the Philippines. The market offers a plethora of scooter options, but the majority tend to prioritize practicality and convenience over fun and excitement. Yamaha wants to change this with the updated BW'S, a compact and straightforward scooter designed with rugged adventure in mind.

Recently, Yamaha introduced an updated version of the BW'S in the Taiwanese market, boasting some exciting enhancements. One notable addition is the new asymmetrical LED headlight, which adds a modern touch to its appearance. Furthermore, the scooter now comes equipped with fog lights, aiming to enhance visibility during nighttime rides. The BW'S retains its distinctive design, characterized by boxy panels that contribute to its rugged and recognizable appeal. To add a touch of adventurous excitement, Yamaha has also incorporated a high fender into the design, further enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

2023 Yamaha BW'S

On the performance front, the Yamaha BW'S is equipped with a 125cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine. Despite its minimalist construction, the scooter compensates with a sophisticated Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system. This technology optimizes the engine's efficiency at low RPMs, ensuring excellent performance in urban settings and during slow-speed maneuvering. However, when the rider pushes the rev range to higher levels, the VVA system kicks in to provide a welcomed surge of power, making it suitable for more spirited rides and adventures.

Yamaha has also introduced updates to the foundation of its attractive and durable scooter, incorporating a fresh asymmetric frame that boasts a claimed 25 percent increase in rigidity compared to its previous version. The suspension setup remains relatively basic, featuring standard telescopic forks at the front and a pair of rear shocks. Additionally, the inclusion of fork gaiters enhances the scooter's rugged appearance, adding a touch of style to its overall design.

2023 Yamaha BW'S

As of now, the Yamaha BW'S is not available in the Philippines, as it is only being sold in other markets such as Taiwan and Japan. That said, we can only hope that Yamaha Philippines might introduce this charming scooter to their local market in the future. Considering its appealing features and rugged design, the BW'S would likely complement Yamaha's existing scooter lineup well, aligning perfectly with popular models like the Yamaha Mio Fazzio 125, and potentially becoming a sought-after choice among Filipino riders.

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