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The California Superbike School is coming to the Philippines this March

Develop your advanced riding skills in a safe and controlled environment.

CSS Philippines 2021

When it comes to advanced motorcycle riding techniques which breed riders into becoming safer and more skilled riders both on the street and on the track, few institutions hold the same reverence as the California Superbike School. Considered by many as the gold standard of motorcycle skills development, the school is responsible for breeding some of the world’s most talented riders. 

The California Superbike School (CSS) is present in multiple countries. Particularly, the institution has set up shop in the Philippines, and has done so for the past 8 years in partnership with Kawasaki and Wheeltek. That said, the CSS is returning this year on March 27 to 28, at the Clark International Speedway, the country’s most advanced racing circuit which conforms to intentional standards. The Philippine edition of the California Superbike School will feature a battery of coaches—all with extensive racing backgrounds across multiple regions such as the USA, Australia, and Europe. 


Apart from the extensive skills training on the racetrack, the California Superbike School’s repertoire of sessions and instructors ultimately make for safer motorcycle riders on the streets. Learning sessions consist of one-on-one coaching with riding instructors, as well as classroom style discussions which focus on riding theory. After this, riders then head out to the racetrack to put their lessons into practice.  

 So, how exactly can you sign up, and what are the requirements? For starters, you need to use your own motorcycle. There isn’t any minimum displacement requirement in order to join, however your machine must be equipped with a manual transmission. The Philippine edition of the California Superbike School this year features 2 levels with the Level 1 class costing P45,000. If you’re interested in taking both Level 1 and Level 2 classes which comprises 2 days of training inclusive of food and drinks, as well as the use of the track with one-on-one coaching, it’ll set you back P85,000. Additionally, you’re required to make a 50% down payment upon registration, with the remaining 50% paid on or before March 1, 2021. Click this link to fill out the registration form.  

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