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Brembo acquires Spanish brake company J.Juan

The biggest brake maker just got even bigger.

Brembo acquires Spanish brake company J.Juan

We’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the brand Brembo. This Italian brake specialist creates braking systems for some of the fastest, most powerful, and most technologically advanced vehicles in the world. With the company boasting decades of experience in producing durable and powerful braking systems, Brembo has become the gold standard of braking performance both in motorsport and for street vehicles.

Now, motorcycle aficionados may also be familiar with J.Juan. A Spanish company which also specializes in all things brakes, J.Juan’s products can be found on all sorts of bikes such as the KTM 790 Adventure, CFMOTO 400 NK, and the Benelli Leoncino 500. Founded in 1965, the company has been creating braking systems for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and lightweight cars for more than half a century. Now what do these two companies have in common other than brakes? Well, Brembo now owns J.Juan.

That’s right, a recent announcement by the Italian brake specialist indicates that Brembo has acquired 100-percent stake in J. Juan Group. As part of the acquisition, Brembo now owns and has unlimited access to all of J.Juan’s research and development, prototypes, and proprietary technology. While all this is cool, and will undoubtedly help Brembo produce more braking systems which are accessible to those on tighter budgets, sources report that Brembo is most interested in J.Juan’s brake hose manufacturing capabilities. 


Brake hoses are oftentimes the unsung heroes of brake performance. These hydraulic lines need to be extremely durable, flexible, and heat resistant, while remaining affordable. J.Juan has long been known for its high quality OEM brake lines, as well as steel-braided units found on higher end machines. With manufacturing facilities in both Spain and China, the acquisition of J.Juan will definitely boost Brembo’s manufacturing capabilities. 

At present, the acquisition of J.Juan by Brembo is nearly complete, with the last step consisting of securing approval from Antitrust authorities. Despite being one of the biggest brake system manufacturers in the world, Brembo still faces competition from Japanese manufacturers such as Nissin, Tokico, and the like. Should everything run smoothly, Brembo will be shelling out a tidy €70 million, or the equivalent of just north of P4 billion. 

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