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BMW unveils touring-ready R 18 Transcontinental

The R 18 platform is proving to be rather versatile.

BMW unveils touring-ready R 18 Transcontinental

The BMW R 18, in the few months that it has been available in the market, has made quite a name for itself. A technological wonder, and no doubt a rolling work of art, the R 18 is a bike of many firsts for the Bavarian manufacturer, but at the same time, a nod to the company’s rich heritage. 

Powered by the largest production boxer-twin motor to be produced by BMW, the R 18’s 1,802cc motor has been optimized to deliver bottom end torque, and power delivery meant to offer utmost comfort and smoothness. As such, it’s no surprise that this bike makes for quite a capable tourist. BMW seems to agree, as it just launched a touring-oriented version of the BMW R 18: the R 18 Transcontinental. At a glance, it’s clear to see that this beefed up R 18 means business. Not only does it feature a massive windscreen, it gets additional tech features, too. 

BMW R 18 Transcontinental

For starters, we find a massive 10.5-inch TFT display which features built-in navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to toggle the bike’s various tech features. The Transcontinental boasts BMW’s proprietary automatic load compensation feature, which accurately adapts the bike’s chassis to the load applicable to the bike. The R 18 gets additional creature comforts such as the aforementioned windscreen, wind deflectors, floorboards, and a top case complete with a passenger backrest. 

Just like the standard BMW R 18, the Transcontinental has been designed with customization in mind. As such, BMW is offering the R 18 Transcontinental with various in-house optional packages from the likes of Option 719, as well as other accessories from world-renowned designer, Roland Sands. As of press time, there still isn’t any word if or when BMW Motorrad Philippines will be making the R 18 Transcontinental available in the local market. That said, the standard R 18 is available with a sticker price starting at P1,955,000. 

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