2024 BMW R18 P1,955,000

BMW R18 Overview

BMW Motorrad Philippines' biggest cruiser bike in its lineup to date, the BMW R18 is a large-displacement motorcycle that is based on the R5. The bike itself is built in Berlin, Germany, and features a very custom-friendly construction that will allow many riders to tweak the look of their motorcycle. BMW also features a lot of options in its dealerships for its customers to use.

It's a massive machine, coming in with a wheelbase of 1,731 mm, while its length, width, and height measure in at 2,440 mm x 964 mm x 1,232 mm respectively. The seat height is an accommodating 690 mm, while the wet weight of the cruiser comes in at 345 kg or 761 lbs.

With a fuel tank capacity of 16-liters keeping the massive 1,802cc big boxer engine fed, you can expect fair amounts of fuel economy. On top of that, the engine is also Euro-5 compliant, giving it a peak output of 90 hp and 158 Nm of torque.

As for its suspension and chassis setup, the bike is on a double-loop steel tube frame which is in keeping with BMW's traditional approach to building a motorcycle, and it also comes equipped with telescopic forks with a central suspension strut with adjustable preload. In the rear, you get a mono-shock suspension. It rolls on wire-spoked wheels with disc brakes for both the front and the rear, and ABS is also a standard feature.

Other bits of tech can't be seen unless you dive in deeper. Whether it's for the sake of convenience like the keyless start system, or even the riding modes which include Rain, Roll, and Rock. On top of that, the bike also comes with Automatic Stability Control (ASC), which can be disengaged, and it also has engine drag torque control (MSR) in order to mitigate the jerkiness of going off the throttle with a more linear engine brake. You also get hill-start control, and even an electronic reverse assist, which should help due to how heavy the bike is.

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