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BMW now offers a maintenance-free chain for the S 1000 RR and S 1000 XR,

They claim that it’s now as good as a shaft drive.

BMW S 1000 XR

A chain that no longer needs lubing, or re-tensioning, that’s what BMW is now offering. Its new M Endurance chain is available for the S 1000 R and S 1000 XR and will be sold as an optional replacement if you pay a little extra. It offers the same design characteristics as a traditional chain drive, but without the hassle of maintenance. In other words, no more need to get your bike on a paddock stand to brush up the chain with lubrication every 500 kilometers or so.

The new M Endurance chain is designed with a permanent lubricant filling between the rollers and the pins and enclosed by X-rings, just like its previous X-ring chains. The difference is that the lubricant being used no longer needs to be added to. It uses tetrahedrally amorphous carbon (ta-C) as a new coating material for the rollers. It is also known as an industrial diamond that has extreme hardness and resistance that’s placed somewhere between Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating and pure diamond, and it also offers better lubrication. Because of this new innovation, the M Endurance chain is now just about as durable as a shaft drive. BMW also made sure that this new lubricant material is environmentally friendly. 

As mentioned earlier, while the new M Endurance chain is made available exclusively to the S 1000 RR and S 1000 XR, they still plan to expand its availability and compatibility with more models from its current lineup. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to see the new M Endurance chain perhaps on its middleweight offerings like the popular F 900 R or the F 900 XR in the near future. This would make its final drive just as durable and reliable as its shaft-driven machines like the R nine T modern classic lineup. After all, who wouldn’t want a chain that doesn’t need re-lubing and re-tensioning?

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