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Andromeda Moto launches NearX vegan “leather” racing suit

A sustainable alternative to the conventional racing suit.

Andromeda Moto launches NearX vegan “leather” racing suit

Are you currently in the market for a set of racing leathers, but are dissuaded by just how much leather these important pieces of safety gear make use of? Or perhaps, you’re a seasoned motorcycle racer or track day aficionado looking to replace a worn out set of racing leathers. Well, a certain Spanish motorcycle gear and equipment manufacturer has developed a new racing suit made out of vegan materials. 

Andromeda Moto, a Spanish company, has launched the NearX racing suit, a track-rated racing suit which is made of 100 percent animal-free materials. The best part? It provides the same, if not even better protection than a standard set of racing leathers. The NearX racing suit is made out of High Molecular Weight Polyurethane (UHMWPE). This is the same material found on the space suits of astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS). That said, if this material is capable of keeping astronauts safe from all the dangers and hazards in the vacuum of space, it can certainly hold its own in a competitive racing environment. 

Andromeda Moto launches NearX vegan “leather” racing suit

The Andromeda Moto NearX racing suit is available with an internal Kevlar lining, which elevates the suit’s safety rating to a AAA safety rating—the highest race track safety rating approved for use all over the world. Another benefit presented by the NearX racing suit is the fact that it makes use of fewer resources to produce. For instance, it makes use of a significantly smaller amount of water to produce, as opposed to a conventional leather suit. It also makes use of tech innovations that have been optimized to offer the highest level of comfort without compromising safety. 

Andromeda Moto boasts that the NearX racing suit is made of a thinner material than that of conventional leather suits. This provides a more comfortable fit, without restricting the rider’s range of motion. What’s more is that Andromeda Moto has priced the suit rather competitively—somewhere within the ballpark of conventional name brand racing suits. Initially available in Spain, the suit is priced at €1,220, or the equivalent of P72,384. 

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