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The 2023 Yamaha MT-07 and MT-125 will get a TFT display in Europe

Will the Philippines get the same update for the MT-07 as well? Please?

Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha Motor Europe announced some key updates for its MT-07 and MT-125 models for 2023. The two naked bikes will get a new TFT dash as standard, which is a marked upgrade from the basic LCD cluster that the middleweight and small-capacity MT series bikes have been utilizing for quite some time now. 

Yamaha’s MT-07 has been using LCD gauge clusters, which does the job but is getting quite dated compared to the competition. When the model got a styling refresh with a new LED headlight, updated fairings, and upgraded performance bits, the LCD dash got a small update in the form of a reverse polarity display. In other words, a black-faced LCD. 

Now, however, Yamaha is putting that tried and tested dashboard to rest as the Tuning Fork brand has announced that it will be fielding a TFT display cluster for its 2023 model year MT-07 and MT-125 bikes for the European market. There is a strong emphasis on the 125 and middleweight segments as they can cater to A1 and A2 licenses in Europe with the MT-125 being a good A1-compliant choice, and the MT-07 being available for purchase with an A2-restricted engine tune which can be later uprated when the A2 restriction is lifted. 

The new TFT display cluster will come in at 5-inches in size, and it features a full-color display and can shift between a Street Theme and a Touring Theme. The Street mode doubles down on the MT series’ edginess and features angular lines and visual elements while the Touring theme has a more traditional and classic look with round elements. The MT-125 will feature the same 5-inch display but will only come with the Street Theme. 

On top of being an actual TFT display, the cluster will also feature Yamaha’s MyRide app integration, which means that you can pair your smartphone via Bluetooth and see incoming calls, texts, e-mails, and other notifications on the TFT screen. 

Yamaha MT-07

Other enhancements for the 2023 model year bikes include tweaked colorways, revised handlebar switchgear for the TFT cluster, and new for the MT-125 is a traction control system. 

It remains to be seen whether these upgrades will reach international markets where the MT-07 is sold like the Philippines. It’s unlikely that the MT-125’s cluster will make it to our local variants of the MT-15, but it’s not a total impossibility. Should Yamaha update the MT-07’s gauge cluster, it would add yet a pro to the model’s list of desirable features. 

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