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2022 Honda Giorno launched, achieves 80 km/L

Would this scooter look good on our roads?

2022 Honda Giorno

In a world where motorcycle manufacturers push for more power all the time, Honda seems to be comfortable with taking the opposite route. The Japanese company produces bikes of all displacements, but its focus on the smallest engines is apparent and even commendable.

With a marked rise in demand for efficient and economical transportation solutions globally, Honda is well-positioned to fill the gaps. It recently launched the 2022 Giorno, a tiny scooter with a retro look and a 50cc engine.

2022 Honda Giorno

The Honda Giorno is meant to be small and cute, yet it doesn't look as flimsy as some of the other models in its segment. The Giorno looks robust and well-built. Its front fascia looks sleek, and the curved body evokes something vaguely Italian. 

Apart from that, the Giorno has a flat footboard with space for a bag or even some groceries. It also has a flat seat, perfect for strolling around with a plus one. The pillion grab rail is a welcome addition, as it keeps your passenger secure on the go.

2022 Honda Giorno

As for power, the 2022 Honda Giorno doesn't pack much. It features a 50cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine that delivers 4.4 hp and 4.1 Nm of torque. What the Giorno lacks in power, it more than makes up for in mileage. This scooter will take you places before needing to top off, as it reportedly achieves a whopping 80 km/L.

Of course, this isn't the way to go if you're looking for all the bells and whistles. The only features you'll find here are a USB charging port and a semi-digital instrument cluster. The Giorno also only packs front and rear drum brakes. It does get telescopic front forks and a pair of springs for the rear suspension.

2022 Honda Giorno

The 2022 Honda Giorno is available in Japan for ¥209,000 JPY. That works out to about P93,500. If you think that's pricey for a scooter of this size and spec, you're not alone. The Giorno is almost as expensive as the Click 150i, a better-equipped machine with significantly more to offer. All things considered, a local release seems unlikely, as Honda looks to be keeping the Giorno a Japan-exclusive for now.

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