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What makes the Yamaha NMAX such a popular scooter in the Philippines?

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular commuter scooters in the market.

What makes the Yamaha NMAX such a popular scooter in the Philippines?

Few vehicles have ever achieved the level of success that the Yamaha NMAX has achieved in the Asian market, particularly in the Philippine setting. Team Blue’s premium entry-level maxi-scooter has managed to capture the hearts and minds of thousands of Filipino commuters thanks to a multitude of traits that make it one of the best 150cc class scooters on paper. Needless to say, the bike’s sales figures have proven just how good this scooter is. 

Now on its second major iteration, the Yamaha NMAX brings a slew of brand new features to the table—features which truly elevate the premium entry-level class as a whole. Having said all that, what exactly makes the NMAX so popular, and what are a few things that truly differentiate it from the competition? Read on to find out. 

Groundbreaking performance

Yamaha NMAX

The Yamaha NMAX, in its local iteration, is equipped with Yamaha’s groundbreaking 155cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled motor. Supplementing this engine’s performance is a host of electronic features such as Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation (VVA), which optimizes efficiency at low RPMs, while unlocking additional performance at higher RPMs. Additionally, it gets electronic fuel injection and a four-valve cylinder head. All this affords this 155cc engine a power output of 14 horsepower—more than enough to inject a sense of excitement into your daily commute. 

Premium features

Yamaha NMAX

In its current form, the Yamaha NMAX brings a lot of technological advancements to the table. Setting itself apart from its competition, the NMAX also elevates the bar when it comes to the level of componentry found in the premium entry-level segment. Apart from the impressive engine, the Yamaha NMAX features Bluetooth smartphone connectivity via Yamaha’s proprietary app, Y-Connect. Through the app, vital information concerning the scooter’s overall health, driving statistics, and maintenance schedule can be accessed with the tap of your finger. 

Apart from the modern tech features, the NMAX gets robust underpinnings consisting of standard telescopic forks and rear-shock setup. It gets disc brakes on both front and rear wheels—with an ABS-equipped option, for added safety and confidence in all road conditions.  

Timeless styling

Yamaha NMAX

The Yamaha NMAX, despite being Yamaha’s smallest machine in the MAX line of maxi-scooters, boasts styling cues akin to that of its bigger siblings. Employing sleek and streamlined styling, the NMAX exudes class with a dash of sportiness, without being too overkill in the styling department. Just like the bigger Yamaha XMAX and TMAX, the NMAX gets a bulky, muscular fairing which provides adequate wind protection. On top of this, the NMAX’s muscular bodywork gives off the illusion of size, making it easy to mistake it for a bigger, more premium maxi-scooter. 

Incredible utility

Yamaha NMAX

Impressive performance and styling aside, the Yamaha NMAX is undeniably a very practical machine. It brings a lot of utility to the table thanks to a slew of creature comforts which allow it to fulfill a myriad of purposes. Equipped with a very generous amount of under-seat storage, there’s enough room to fit a full-face helmet. 

The NMAX also gets a nifty USB charger—a perfect match with its premium Y-Connect feature. Lastly, there’s also very rich aftermarket support for the NMAX, with loads of upgrades and accessories meant to improve the scooter’s overall utility. Everything from luggage accessories, comfort and ergonomic modifications, as well as aesthetic touches are all available from multiple brands. 

Attractive price tag

Yamaha NMAX

The Yamaha NMAX is available in two trim options with the Standard, sans ABS and Y-Connect functionality, coming with a sticker price of just P119,900. Meanwhile, the more premium ABS variant which gets Yamaha’s Y-Connect functionality retails for P144,500.

The Yamaha NMAX is definitely priced in the premium segment. And while the bike is by no means a cheap scooter, there’s no denying that you’re getting quite a lot for your money’s worth, especially considering how much tech Yamaha has loaded into the current generation NMAX. 

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