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Should I repaint my motorcycle?

Thinking about that color change? Read this first.

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Nothing beats the look of a sparkly brand new motorcycle straight from the dealership floor. After all, there is a bit of excitement and satisfaction in having a good-looking motorcycle that glimmers in the sun. However, long-term motorcycle ownership eases us into the reality that shiny plastics and stain-free paint are an inevitability for many of our motorcycles. Exposure to direct UV rays from the sun, torrential rain, and all the elements from being outdoors can do quite a bit of harm to our beloved paint and plastics.

There are still quite a few things you can do about this, but serious degradation to the condition of these components can often demand more serious interventions. Repainting your motorcycle components, be it on the fuel tank, frame, or other parts, can be quite a timely and costly endeavor that may not always be warranted. If you’re considering this option in order to get that shiny glimmer back on the bike, here are a few things you may want to consider.

When to consider repainting

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In general, the paint that comes on your motorcycle from the manufacturer is one of the most robust paint jobs you can get due to the advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control. Stripping down the paint that comes with your motorcycle is a decision that requires a lot of logical and emotional investment. You will not only have to ensure that the paint preparation work is executed properly but also guarantee that the new paint and clear coat materials are of high quality. If you’re serious about repainting your motorcycle’s components, here are a few scenarios in which a repaint may be warranted.

  • Repainting in order to fix rust: one of the biggest reasons to repaint components is to fix rust. Rust can only be properly fixed through a thorough repaint, which requires sanding down all the rust and painting the component backup for protection. If your motorcycle has some serious rust anywhere, consider a repaint.
  • Repainting due to damage: another reason to repaint your components would be due to damage. If your fuel tank has a dent or if your frame is scraped, you may want to pursue a repaint job in order to prevent rust from developing on your motorcycle.
  • Repainting for a project: if you’re building a custom motorcycle or are simply into modifying a motorcycle, you may also want to consider a repaint for your hobby. Just remember that a repaint job to a different color will require you to update your Certificate of Registration (CR) to reflect the change of color, or else you may be penalized.
  • Repainting to correct a previous repaint job: if your motorcycle had been repainted before, there could be a chance that the repaint job was not very good and your current paint job may need an update. If you’re serious about keeping your motorcycle fresh for the long run, a repaint job to correct previous mistakes will do a ton more good than bad.

While these are our top reasons to pursue a repaint job, there are definitely many more nuanced reasons to have your paint reworked. If you will be repainting your motorcycle, also note that a change of color will require you to update your CR so that the change may be reflected legally.

Change of color process

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The process of changing your motorcycle’s color on your registration is quite straightforward. This will be necessary if your new paint does not resemble your old paint perfectly, such as repainting your motorcycle from red to orange or from black to white, and the like. If you will pursue a change of color, these are the documents you will need to procure during your visit to the LTO:

  • Original Certificate of Registration (CR)
  • Original Official Receipt (OR) or payment of latest MVUC and other fees
  • Affidavit of change color
  • PNP-TMG MV Clearance Certificate
  • Duly accomplished and Approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)

After securing these documents, you will need to submit the above documents at the transaction counters for evaluation, then have your motorcycle inspected with an accomplished MVIR form, then pay the change color fees and wait for your new Certificate of Registration to be provided.


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If you’re not too excited about the whole process of changing your motorcycle’s color to a different one, you may also want to seek a few alternatives. Do note, however, that these alternatives will not help prevent rust build-up and will not solve any underlying issues caused by accidents. If you would like to simply upgrade or change the look of your motorcycle and give yourself a healthy refresh for your bike, you may want to consider either getting a detailing job and a ceramic coat or get a sticker or vinyl wrap. A detailing job and ceramic coat will restore your current color and paint job to a condition that is near-brand new, while a sticker or vinyl wrap will help change the color of your motorcycle without stripping your original paint.

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