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Never go for a ride without checking these 5 things

These 5 components need to be in tip-top condition, 100 percent of the time.

Never go for a ride without checking these 5 things

Even while we enjoy riding our motorcycles, we also need to keep them in good condition. We must take care of our motorcycles in the same manner that we take care of ourselves, which entails caring for them both while they are in the garage and while we are riding them. Despite this, many bikers only trust the casa or service station to maintain the condition of their machines. However, depending on others to take care of your bike isn't always a good idea. Learning how to handle simple tasks on your own will keep you worry-free while you're out riding—plus, teach you a thing or two about your beloved machine. 

We are certain that you are familiar with the tension, fear, and anxiety that come along with being stranded on the road due to a mechanical issue. Here are a few simple maintenance tasks that, if neglected, could leave you stuck on the side of the road with nothing else to do but call a tow truck—or worse, could land you in a serious accident. As a result, make sure to check them each time you take a ride and never take them for granted.


Motorcycle tires

As the only point of contact between the road and your motorcycle, your tires are indeed very crucial. There are a few things to watch out for when it comes to tires. For starters, make sure they are in good shape. Keep an eye out for any gouges, dry rot, punctures, or cracks in the tread. Are the sidewalls in good condition and free from any kind of deformities? Replace your tires immediately if even one of these items doesn't appear to be in proper working order. Next, be sure to routinely check the pressure on your tires. To ensure everything is in working order, check your owner's manual as these differ from bike to bike.

Chain and drivetrain

Motorcycle chain

The only real means to transfer the power from your motorcycle's engine to the ground is through the chain that drives the back wheel. Therefore, maintaining the condition of your chain is crucial. The service life of your chain may be shortened by rust and corrosion brought on by wear and use, the elements, and exposure. Make sure you completely lubricate your chain and clean it with the right chain cleaner or degreaser to extend its lifespan. Check the sprockets and chain on your bike as well, since these wear indicators may indicate whether or not you need a new chain and sprocket set.


Motorcycle braking system

Your bike’s brakes could spell the difference between life and death, therefore it's quite crucial to make sure they’re in the best shape they could possibly be in. The brake system of a motorcycle is pretty straightforward, yet it has multiple components. You'll want to check that everything is in excellent condition from top to bottom. Verify that your lever is in good condition and has a great, wide range of motion. Make sure your brake fluid is clean and at the proper level by inspecting it. Next, inspect that the brake lines don't have any kinks, cuts, or gouges as you descend to the calipers. Finally, check your brake pads and rotors. Are there any indications that your pads are about to fail? Do your rotors have stress cracks or regions of uneven wear? If so, change them immediately and don’t risk going out for a ride with a compromised braking system.

Electrical system

Motorcycle battery options

The battery in your motorcycle is what keeps its electrical system up and running. Your bike will likely run very poorly or not at all if your battery is out of whack. Don't skimp on this one because an outdated battery might not be able to keep a charge even if you connect it to a battery charger. When it comes to replacement batteries, there are several possibilities. You can choose high-end lithium-ion batteries, which have a much longer lifespan and are significantly lighter than regular batteries. However, they are very pricey, making them unaffordable for many motorcycle riders. However, you can always choose to replace your battery with an OEM model. Make sure the specifications correspond to your specific make and model.

Cables and fluids

Motorcycle clutch system

Last but not least, despite how straightforward it may seem, your motorcycle's clutch cable is an essential part of the drivetrain. Unless you're skilled enough to start a bike and shift gears without a clutch, you're pretty much a sitting duck if your clutch cable fails in the middle of a ride. Similar to this, if your bike has a hydraulic clutch, you must make sure the fluid is at the proper level and in good shape. Otherwise, you risk experiencing poor clutch feel and occasionally even clutch failure, which would prevent you from changing gears and leave you stranded on the side of the road. 

It’s also important to check the other vital fluids on which your motorcycle relies on to stay healthy. This means checking your oil level and condition, brake fluid, and coolant levels to ensure that your motorcycle is able to safely come to a stop, and stay cool in the middle of hellish Manila traffic. 

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