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Motorcycles are better than cars - here’s why

When it comes to fast point A to B transport, there’s no beating a two-wheeler

Motorcycles are better than cars - here’s why

With today’s skyrocketing fuel costs and ever-worsening traffic conditions, it can be extremely tiring and challenging to simply get out of the house and run a few errands with your car. While we consider ourselves car enthusiasts just as much as we are motorcycle enthusiasts, there’s no denying that motorcycles present themselves with tons of practical features that can certainly come in handy in these challenging times.

If you’re tired of commuting on a daily basis on your four-wheeler, or would like to save some time from sitting in traffic, or perhaps a couple of pesos in gasoline expenses, then maybe, just maybe, you’ve considered making the shift to two-wheels. Well, we’re here to discuss why motorcycles are better than cars from an economical standpoint, so maybe we could help you decide if it is indeed worth it to get around on two wheels. 

Smaller footprint

 Motorcycles are better than cars - here’s why

It doesn’t really matter what type of bike you ride—a 125cc scooter, or a 1,800cc cruiser, a motorcycle will always be physically smaller than a car. That being said, taking a motorcycle instead of a car, when multiplied by a significant number, can drastically reduce road congestion. This is especially applicable for those who drive their cars alone, say to work, or a bunch of daily errands. Motorcycles are easier to maneuver around tight residential and commercial areas, too. This means you can shuttle in and out of a place a lot more quickly and efficiently. 

Economical to run

 Motorcycles are better than cars - here’s why

Because motorcycles have smaller engines than cars (for the most part), they’re a lot more economical to run. They use up less fuel, and go through fewer consumables. If the most fuel efficient cars can return around 14 kilometers per liter in mixed city and highway conditions, scooters and mid-displacement bikes can return up to 30 kilometers per liter. High-performance motorcycles like the Ducati Streetfighter V4 on the other hand, return around 13 to 14 kilometers per liter—still impressive when looked at from an automotive viewpoint. Additionally, motorcycles are a lot lighter than cars. This means that the wear and tear they put on the roads is a lot less than that of four-wheelers. 

Cheaper to maintain (most of the time)

 Motorcycles are better than cars - here’s why

Last but not least, motorcycles tend to be cheaper to maintain, big bikes notwithstanding. Your average Yamaha NMAX only uses just about one liter of oil, and requires an oil change every 7,000 kilometers or so, depending on your usage. This can translate to little more than P1,000 for a standard service. A car, meanwhile, say, a midsize sedan like a Honda Civic, takes way more oil, around 5 liters of the stuff, and requires an oil change at about the same interval, if not a tad more. Sure, you’ll be nice and comfortable in your air-conditioned car. However, you’ll certainly reap the time and financial benefits if you use a scooter or mid-displacement commuter for your daily rounds instead. 

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