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Most affordable Honda motorcycles in the Philippines

Grab one of your favorite Honda motorcycles before the year ends!

Most Affordable Honda Motorcycles

Honda is undoubtedly one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the country. With tens of thousands of motorcycles being assembled locally every year, it comes as no surprise that Honda is able to sell many of their motorcycles at an affordable price. As such, many of the riders out there are enjoying Philippine roads on a two-wheeled Honda, be it for commuting or spirited riding. No matter the kind of ride you’re looking for, Honda has a bike for you. If you’re in the market for an affordable motorcycle from this prestigious manufacturer, look no further. Here are Honda’s best motorcycles priced below P100,000.

Honda Wave 110 Alpha and R

Honda Wave 110 R

The Honda Wave 110 is the most affordable underbone motorcycle you can get from Honda in the underbone segment. The Wave is available in two trims: the Alpha model and the R model. While both of these motorcycles share the same 110cc engine which puts out 8 horsepower and 9 nm of torque, the Alpha is equipped with drum brakes front and rear, while the R has a more sleek and sporty body styling and an optional disc brake system for the front. Both of these bikes put power to the ground via a 4-speed rotary transmission, and come standard with a comfortable seat, rear grab handles, wire-spoked wheels, and an analog gauge. The ever-reliable Wave 110 is available at just P47,700 for the Alpha model, P56,900 for the drum-type R model, and P60,900 for the disc-type R model

Honda XRM125 Motard and DSX

Honda XRM Motard

The XRM125 DSX and Motard are Honda’s underbone motorcycles which are built to be off-road capable– perfect for adventurers. Both of these motorcycles are equipped with a 125cc air-cooled fuel-injected engine which puts 9 horsepower and 10 nm of torque to the ground through a 4-speed rotary transmission. Both variants are equipped with an off-road front fender, an upright handlebar, a pass switch, and disc brake systems for both front and rear wheels. The Motard variant is unique in that it is equipped with 17-in cast wheels front and rear, while the DSX variant comes with 17-in wire-spoked wheels. Both of these motorcycles come close to each other when it comes to price, with the DSX variant coming in at P71,400 and the Motard variant retailing at P73,600.

Honda RS125 Fi and RS150R

Honda RS150R

The Honda RS motorcycle is Honda’s sporty underbone motorcycle range, with two prominent variants sticking out: the Honda RS125 Fi, and the RS150R. Both of these motorcycles, while very different, are fundamentally similar in that both are designed to provide riders with an exciting riding experience, whether through city roads or through your favorite twisties.

The RS125 Fi is equipped with a 125cc air-cooled fuel-injected engine, sending 10 horsepower and 10 nm of torque to the ground through a 5-speed semi-manual transmission. At just P72,900, owners can expect a substantial amount of features: a large analog instrument panel, a gear indicator, an engine warning light, 17-in wire-spoke wheels, a pass light, a front disc brake system, and a u-shaped storage box.

The RS150R on the other hand is designed to be a bit more muscular, equipped with a 150cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine sending 15 horsepower and 14 nm of torque to the rear wheel through a premium 6-speed transmission. Ranging from P96,300 to P97,300 depending on your color option, riders are sure to get an array of premium features. A link-type mono-shock can be found at the rear, accompanied by a disc brake system for both front and rear wheels. Owners are also getting a fully digital instrument panel with a fuel gauge, an LED taillight, and a pass switch.

Honda XR150L

Honda XR150L

Built for all kinds of roads, the XR150L is one of Honda’s most popular dual-sports in the entry-level segment. Coming in at just P89,900, the XR150L providers adventure-seeking riders with a ton of versatility. With a 150cc air-cooled engine producing 12 horsepower and 12 nm of torque, and a 19 inch wire-spoked front wheel, the XR150L is built to handle a variety of on-and-off-road terrain with much ease. This dual-sport is also equipped with standard halogen headlights and tail lights, upright handlebars, a front disc brake system, and a standard rear carrier rack for hauling all sorts of items. With 243mm of ground clearance, and 6.3 inches of suspension at the front, and 5.9 inches of suspension travel at the rear, riders will be happy to find that riding through all kinds of roads and paths will be comfortable and enjoyable.

Honda BeAT 110

Honda Beat

Moving on to Honda’s scooter lineup, the Honda BeAT 110 comes in as the most affordable option in the range. Starting at P66,900, future owners will be happy to find a lot of practicality and comfort features from this scooter. The 110cc engine produces 8 horsepower and 9 nm of torque and is mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) – which means no shifting is needed. Additionally, the scooter comes equipped with a disc brake system for the front, an analog gauge, a low fuel indicator, and a pass switch. The Premium variant of the BeAT 110, retailing at P70,400, is equipped further with a combi-brake system (CBS) which activates the front and rear brake at the same time for maximum braking power, and a digital instrument panel. On top of that, this model is made in the Philippines. 

Honda Genio 110

Honda Genio 110

The Honda Genio 110 sets itself apart from the rest of Honda’s scooter lineup with more attention to style. Future owners will be happy to find that the Genio 110 boasts an array of premium features, including an LED headlight, a USB charging port, a digital gauge, a pass switch, a fuel gauge, and a disc brake system for the front. The 110cc engine puts down 9 horsepower and 9 nm of torque through a CVT unit and rolls off the showroom floor on 14-in cast wheels. At just P72,900, future owners will be happy to know that the Honda Genio 110 provides a lot of value for the money.

Honda Click 125i and Click 150i

Honda Click 150i

The Honda Click lineup is arguably one of Honda’s most popular lineups in the P100,000 and below segment. The Click scooter is available in two major variants: the Click 125i and the Click 150i, both of which feature a similar design and overall style, but differ quite a bit everywhere else.

The Honda Click 125i can be had for just P76,900 from the dealership and features a fuel-injected 125cc engine that produces 11 horsepower and 11 nm of torque which is sent to the pavement through a CVT unit. Honda boasts the fuel efficiency of this motorcycle and can run for 53 kilometers for every liter of gasoline. The Click 125i also boasts a digital instrument panel, a fuel gauge, an LED headlight and taillight, a pass switch, and an automatic start-stop system for improved fuel economy.

The Honda Click 150i on the other hand retails for P98,900 from the dealership, and while a bit more expensive, the Click 150i packs a stronger punch over its little brother. The fuel-injected 150cc engine from the 150i sends a healthy 13 horsepower and 13 nm of torque through a CVT unit. On top of this, the Click 150i also comes standard with an LED headlight and taillight, a digital instrument cluster, a sporty muffler design with an aluminum end cap, a front disc brake system, a safety alarm, a keyless start system, and a start-stop system 

Honda TMX Supremo 150

Honda TMX Supremo 150

If you’re in the market for a standard motorcycle that can be a reliable workhorse for all kinds of tasks, the Honda TMX Supremo 150 probably makes the strongest case. The Supremo 150 is a bare-bones motorcycle, equipped from the factory with a 150cc air-cooled engine sending 10 horsepower and 11.6 nm of torque to the ground through a 5-speed manual transmission. It also has your standard halogen headlights, analog gauges, and a tachometer. At P74,040, the TMX Supremo 150 is one of the most reliable motorcycles you can get for the money, and will surely be able to satisfy the rider’s needs for all kinds of hard and easy tasks.

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