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How to buy a used motorcycle in the Philippines

Money isn’t the only thing you have to worry about.

How to buy a used motorcycle in the Philippines

There are many incentives to buying your next or first motorcycle used. From a more affordable price, all the way to already having papers a plate number or even some insurance. Though, when it comes to used bikes, it’s not as simple as purchasing a brand new one. Instead of the dealership sifting through and helping you with all the paperwork, you have to do everything on your own. Though it is a hassle, you can get a motorcycle that is, hopefully, registered, working, and rideable. 

Though, we cannot deny that buying a brand new motorcycle in the Philippines is as easy as doing research, picking a model, picking a variant, making the payment, signing some papers, and riding off into the sunset. You can do all of this the old fashioned way by heading to the dealership, or you can do it online with MotoDeal.com.ph by making an inquiry or browsing through promos. Though, if you still want that used bike, here is a guide for you to follow so you can close that deal smoothly. 

Get in touch

How to buy a used motorcycle

Shoot a message to the seller. Sometimes listings are left out in the open even after the unit has been sold. So ask a few important questions first like “Is this still available?” Also, ask what the seller’s location as the listing may only give you an approximate area. Note that you might also be competing with other buyers, so if you really want the bike, monitor the chat between you and the seller. Don’t try to negotiate just yet, because seeing the bike first should be your first priority. 

Schedule the meetup whenever the seller is available. Remember to set a date, time, and specific location to do the meetup. Ask for a Waze or Google Maps address or landmark if possible. 

Prepare a checklist of documents

How to buy a used motorcycle Documents

You also need to prepare a few other documents. If there is no deed of sale, provide your own to use. Also write an authorization letter that includes your name, the seller’s name, and a space for the plate number or MV file number if the bike doesn’t have plates yet. This will allow you to ride home if you do pull through with the deal, along with the rest of the documents that you should ride home with. If you can bring cash, bring the amount that is specified in the ad so in case the seller is firm on his price, then you can still return home with a motorcycle. Hold off on buying the motorcycle if the seller doesn’t have these documents ready because it is better to be safe than sorry. 

  • Original OR/CR (Not a photocopy) 
  • A deed of sale under the name of the registered owner. 
  • 2 clear photocopied IDs of the original owner.
  • 3 specimen signatures of the original owner. 
  • Letter of authorization 

Inspecting the bike and papers

How to buy a second-hand motorcycle oil sight glass
How to buy a second-hand motorcycle Shifter

After you go through the pleasantries of saying hi and hello, now comes time to inspect the motorcycle. Take the time to look for scratches, dents, or any imperfections in the chassis. Look for obvious signs of repair and other red flags. If you find something, tell the seller your observation and this could work in your favor if you are looking to haggle the price down. 

After that, check the papers if it is all legitimate, and also with the bike’s chassis code. Check if what is indicated in the documents is correct, and check on the registration as well. Make sure that everything is in order and if there is something that needs to be renewed or fixed. 

Then go on to check the bike as if you were doing a pre-ride check. Take the bike around and note any abnormalities. Better to know what you are getting now than regret them later. 

After you’ve completed your test ride and everything is in acceptable condition, haggle the price down if you can, then after you settle on a final price, head on over to the last step. 

Payment and paperwork

How to Buy a motorcycle

Now that you’ve settled on a price take out the agreed-upon amount, sign the documents, exchange the payment, and then you are free to make the trip to the LTO, Notary, or back home. 

Now, if the deed of sale is not notarized, take the papers to a notary, and have it approved there. After this, head to the LTO to get the name on the OR/CR changed to yours thereby transferring ownership to you. Also, register the bike if it isn’t already. After you get all of that sorted, congratulations, you are now the official new owner of a used motorcycle. 

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