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Here’s why we’re excited for the upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

Sure, the current Himalayan is an awesome bike, but the Himalayan 450 simply takes things to the next level.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

In recent years, Royal Enfield has been quite active in launching new models. In reality, the company has a slew of new models in the works, including the Himalayan 450, the successor to the enormously successful Himalayan 411, a tough adventure bike with killer aesthetics to match. The Himalayan has been so favorably received that it has attracted the attention of both casual and serious off-roaders.

Its performance is expected to be vastly improved

Royal Enfield Himalayan

According to rumors, the new engine would be around 450cc in size. While it's unknown if this is a development of the existing 411cc engine or a whole new engine, it's expected to produce much more power and torque, with 40 horsepower and around 40 Nm. It's also likely that the engine will be liquid-cooled and fuel-injected, indicating that it's a whole new design.

Royal Enfield is boosting the bike’s tech and electronic features

Royal Enfield Himalayan

There are some fresh details regarding the upcoming Royal Enfield ADV. The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 looks to provide much more than just more power. The new motorcycle is reported to offer characteristics never previously seen on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. In addition, the Himalayan 450 will have a revolutionary throttle-by-wire technology and three riding modes: road, rain, and off-road.

Other off-road features, such as switchable ABS and an assist slipper clutch, will be useful. The new Himalayan 450 appears to be a serious competitor of the KTM 390 Adventure, which presently sits at the top of the entry-level ADV market, thanks to greater power and the addition of many premium electronic features.

Competitive pricing, hopefully

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Given Royal Enfield’s reputation for producing affordable yet premium motorcycles, we can expect the Himalayan 450 to be priced very, very competitively. Sources in India suggest that it’ll be priced similarly to the likes of the KTM 390 Adventure, so expect it to fall somewhere close to the P300,000 to P350,000 mark.

However, it's worth noting that Royal Enfield has yet to make an official remark on the motorcycle. Given that the new bike, as well as all of its alleged features, has caused quite a stir in India, it's safe to assume that when the new Royal Enfield Himalayan finally hits the market, we'll be in for a real treat, especially for those searching for off-road capability on a budget.

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