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5 items that’ll complement your Vespa

What accessories are perfect for your accessory? Here’s a list for you!

5 things that will complement your Vespa

What better way to accessorize your life than with a vehicle that matches what you’re all about? Not many two-wheelers have the claim to fame and the aesthetic appeal of a Vespa, in fact, no other models really come close to it. 

The aesthetic design and the heritage are enough to get you going, and the scooters themselves aren’t bad performers either. If you’re all about that aesthetic and that lifestyle, however, how do you accessorize your accessory? Well then, here are 5 things that could complement you and your motorcycle, and result in a very curated collection of items to surround your posh scooter with. 

The right gear

Vespa 300 GTS

Motorcycle gear oftentimes makes you look like you’re about to go to war, or about to go on the race track. While purposefully designed, these pieces are a bit too brash for you to wear on a posh scooter. That being said, however, it’s not wrong to wear performance-oriented gear on a Vespa. A lot of people do it all the time, but if you want to aesthetically match your scooter one-to-one, then you might want to consider getting more stylish gear. 

Instead of going to the standard section of jackets at your motorcycle gear shop, try and comb the more casual-looking items. These jackets range from leather jackets, denim jackets, and even some tracksuits and button-down shirts. You want things that make you look “chill” on and off the bike, yet stylish at the same time. That also means going for a pair of leather boots

A vintage helmet

Man holding motorcycle helmet

Also, don't forget your helmet! In addition to the motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, and the ever-important jacket, you need a proper helmet to tie it all together. Just like the Vespa, it has to be some sort of retro design. Brands like Arai, HJC, and AGV make all sorts of retro-inspired lids, but if you're on a budget, there are other well-known brands that can offer you a premium lid for less. 

We recommend that you look for a helmet that is at least ECE-rated, which means that it's gone through the battery of certifications in Vespa's very own home continent. That being said, you might need to look for goggles as well, since most open face or vintage style lids simply don't come with a face shield. Though, there are exceptions to that as well. Oh, and don't forget, you can also buy a comms device for your helmet. Do keep in mind, however, that you don't want the device to be too flashy and ruin the lines of your outfit. Consider getting a Cardo Packtalk Slim while you're shopping why don't you? 


Vespa Luggage Options

Whether for your motorcycle or for your person, the right luggage can make a huge difference for your motorcycle. Vespa sells a ton of pannier racks and also tailor-made luggage cases that can even match the paint on your scooter. Not to mention that these items also add to your bike’s practicality in addition to the already large storage space that you will typically find under your seat. 

Either that or get a fancy leather backpack or sling bag for you to cruise around town with. Belt bags can be pulled off with enough confidence too! 

A bigger bike

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Some Vespa owners are die-hard fans and will only ride Vespas. The love for the brand has gone on for ages and caused several groups to pop up all over the world. However, don’t let that stop you from owning and actually riding a bigger bike. Several riders have a multi-bike garage consisting of a big and a small setup. If you can afford a second bike, perhaps an expressway-legal model should be in the books. 

We will admit, even with all the glitz and glamour that the Vespa brand promises, it’s still not highway-legal in the Philippines. For that, you need a bigger bike to go along with if just in case you plan on taking the highway, or feel that going on those long open stretches of road would be more ideal. Again, match your aesthetic. Try and find a cafe racer or even a neo-retro-inspired motorcycle to match. Try brands like Royal Enfield, Triumph, or even Yamaha with their XSR series.  


2022 Mini Cooper Convertible

In our opinion, these two models are a match made in heaven. Putting them together, you know that there is something similar in both of their design cues. The rounded edges of a MINI look superb when parked next to any model of Vespa. There is something about the retro-inspired design that really gives you a sense of quirk and excitement. 

Simply put, both are quirky enough to own, and just think about how good either of them will look in your garage. 

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