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2018 BMW C400X - On the Saddle

Urban mobility scooters aren’t limited to low displacements.

The 2019 BMW C400X is BMW Philippines’ latest addition to their motorcycle lineup. With everyday traffic and urban mobility, big displacement bikes aren’t exactly the greatest choice. They could be too powerful, too heavy, and go through gasoline faster than efficient scooters. 

For everyday riders, scooters still offer the best and most practical package overall. With more cargo, better fuel consumption, and small size, this motorcycle type is enough to fit through most spaces and give a pleasant ride overall.  With BMW’s success in big displacement motorcycles, the brand introduces its latest entry in the midsize scooter segment. Join us as we introduce you to BMW’s latest scooter aimed at the urban professional who needs more power in his or her daily commute. 

Featuring modern lines and an LED headlight with DRLs, the BMW C400X stands out from the crowd. The bike features a futuristic looking windshield, an analog and digital speedometer, and storage with charging ports. At the rear is a hydraulicallyassisted compartment with BMW’s flexcase storage. The C400X is 400 in name only as underneath it lies a 350cc single cylinder engine producing 34 hp and 35 Nm of torque. This output gives the unit enough grunt and punch to go through the daily grind, but more than enough to enjoy a spirited ride. 

BMW has not let up with the safety features either. The C400X has front and rear ABS and traction control –  something not usually seen in its class. The bike also has automatic headlights and DRLs which can be switched on and off and automatic indicator reset. 
Despite being a good everyday commuter, the bike feels athletic due to some stiffness in it’s setup. 

Combining safety, convenience, technology, and power in a practical yet premium package, the BMW C400X makes for a compelling choice in its segment. 

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