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HJC C10 Helmet—Gear Review

HJC’s newest entry-level full-face helmet has quite a lot going for it.

HJC C10 Helmet—Gear Review

Those of you who’ve read my gear reviews on MotoDeal.com.ph would know that I have a strong appreciation for gear that’s both affordable and protective. When it comes to helmets, it’s really hard to beat HJC when it comes to value for money. HJC is one of the most popular helmet manufacturers in the world. They're known for being super reliable and providing great protection, so you can ride with confidence. 

I previously wrote an in-depth review of HJC’s entry-level helmet, the CS-15, and it goes without saying that I had nothing but praise for that helmet. This time around, the brand has revamped pretty much its entire lineup to conform to the newest ECE 22.06 safety standard. Unfortunately, that means that it’s time to say goodbye to the good old CS-15, as it complies to the previous ECE 22.05 safety standard. Not to worry, though, as HJC has clearly launched a worthy successor to the CS-15’s incredible value for money, protective features, and style. Say hello to the HJC C10.

Design and build

HJC C10 Helmet—Gear Review
HJC C10 Helmet—Gear Review

Upon unboxing the HJC C10, it was clear to see that the company has taken a major step forward in terms of quality and fit and finish. The CS-15 was already incredibly well-built, and had pretty good fit and finish. Indeed, the C10 is no different, and even takes things a step further in terms of overall build quality. In terms of fit and finish, it’s still pretty clear that the C10 was built to a budget. Nevertheless, the helmet looks like it’s worth twice its price tag—typical of HJC build quality. 

Up front, you’re greeted with a large chin vent that does an excellent job of funneling air into the lid. The C10’s impressive ventilation is aided by the easily actuated intakes at the top, as well as the heat extractors at the rear. There is, however, one area of complaint on my end, and it’s the helmet’s visor. Unlike the CS-15, whose visor can be cracked open to let air in while riding in the city, the C10’s visor detents are much larger, and opening the visor to the first detent creates an opening large enough to let bugs and debris in while riding.

Interior and Fit

HJC C10 Helmet—Gear Review
HJC C10 Helmet—Gear Review

As we move into the inside of the helmet, things are obviously much higher quality than before. The C10 makes use of a plush and supple inner liner that’s soft and comfortable. The built-in chin curtain is much more comfortable, too, and the pads are also formed in a very compact manner, resulting in a snug fit. One thing I’ve always appreciated about HJC is that their sizing is consistent across their model range. For the CS-15, C70, i70, and now, the C10, I’m a size L, and the fit has always been perfect. One thing to note about HJC’s helmets, however, is that they break-in after some time, so don’t fret if your brand new HJC helmet is a bit on the tight side. 

The HJC C10’s inner liner is easily removable, and can be washed for added longevity. I installed a Cardo PackTalk Black on my helmet, and just like HJC’s other helmets, the C10 already comes with cutouts for the speakers, making it easy and straightforward to install your comms of choice. As for interior ventilation, the EPS foam also cutouts on the inside which connect to the vents on the outside of the helmet. No wonder it does such a good job of keeping your head cool while on the go. 

Performance and Safety

HJC C10 Helmet—Gear Review

When it comes to performance and safety, it’s hard to question the reliability of a brand as established as HJC. Luckily, I didn’t have to test whether or not the C10 does a good job of protecting your noggin in the event of a crash, but we can surely trust that the new helmet is one of the safest out there, as it complies with the latest ECE 22.06 regulations. For reference, the new helmet standard takes into greater account the rotational force resulting from impacts. As such, the result is refined EPS liner, as well as one-is-to-one shell and helmet sizes to ensure the helmet’s safety is optimized according to the size of the helmet. 

In the case of the C10, this is probably why the helmet looks and feels much more compact than its predecessor. It’s also surprisingly lightweight, tipping the scales at just 1,550 grams in size Large. It’s worth noting however, that the C10 is still a very new model in the market, so aftermarket visors are not yet available as of this writing. Since it doesn’t have a drop-down visor, you’re going to need to carry a pair of sunglasses with you on sunny rides. Luckily the helmet’s cheek pads are eyewear compatible. 

The verdict

HJC C10 Helmet—Gear Review

Is the HJC C10 a worthy successor to the CS-15? Well, the answer is a resounding yes. In terms of technology, HJC has taken everything that we love about the CS-15, and modernized it into a package that’s safer, lighter, and sportier. Priced at around the P5,000 mark, it’s hard to go wrong with this helmet, and it doesn’t matter if it’s your first helmet as a beginner rider, or your commuter lid on a daily basis, the C10 is more than up to the task. 

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