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Yamaha introduces the Fazzio hybrid scooter in Indonesia

When will the Philippines catch on with the hybrid scooter craze?

Yamaha introduces the Fazzio hybrid scooter in Indonesia

In Indonesia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian markets, Yamaha has a range of hybrid scooters that offers impressive range and performance, especially for those looking to make the most of their gas money. While Team Blue has yet to release any of these hybrid models in the local market, it’s certain that the vast majority of commuters will benefit from such an affordable and practical two-wheeler. That said, in Indonesia, Yamaha has pulled the covers off the Fazzio hybrid scooter. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The Fazzio Hybrid is powered by a single-cylinder, SPOHC engine with a displacement of 124.8 cc with Yamaha's Blue Core engine efficiency technology. The Fazzio is said to produce 8.3 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 10.6 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm, with power delivered via a CVT gearbox and belt drive. The Smart Motor Generator provides engine assistance by providing a burst of power when accelerating for up to three seconds. The addition of engine start/stop for lowering noise and pollutants while at idle improves engine economy even more.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Scooter

Aside from the Hybrid system, the Fazzio prioritizes riding amenities like a smart key, USB charging port, and a compact storage compartment beneath the handlebars. The Fazzio has two cargo hooks, accessory hangers on the sides, and a big floorboard, as well as a large storage area under the seat that holds 17.8 litres.

The rider is also granted access to the Yamaha Y-Connect app, which allows the rider to connect with the Fazzio's insturment panel using his or her smartphone, and view information on the digital LCD display. The LED headlamp is housed in an oblong shell, giving the scooter a retro-inspired aesthetic that's charming and stylish.

The 12-inch alloy wheels on the Yamaha Fazzio hybrid scooter are a nice touch. Traditional telescopic forks in front and a monoshock in the back make up the suspension. A single hydraulic disc brake on the front wheel and a mechanical drum brake on the rear wheel provide braking. It costs 21.7 million rupiah, or roughly P78,000.

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