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Yamaha files new patent for crash detection system

Yamaha’s new technology will give you more worry-free solo adventures.

Yamaha Patent

Yamaha is getting themselves ahead into the patent game. They have recently applied for a patent for a new crash detection and notification system. The technology being applied for is similar to BMW’s e-call system and has a lot of potential for future applications on their upcoming motorcycles.

Yamaha Crash Detection and Notification Patent

The way the system works, a series of sensors and devices installed throughout the motorcycle can detect when the rider has left the bike in motion or had an accident. It would then initiate a call to a third party to notify them of the incident and their location. Emergency services would also be notified of the accident together with a designated friend, family member, or even both. 

For accidents that happen even in the most remote areas, the system can also turn on the bike’s horn and indicators to help to locate the motorcycle. This feature would be beneficial not only to the rider but also to other road users especially if the crash throws them off the road.

Yamaha Super Tenere

The patent appears to have been fitted on a small sports bike looking like the YZF-R125. However, they’re confident that the system’s small footprint would allow it to be easily set up on a plethora of their motorcycles with bigger displacements. Ideally, it would be best suited for long-distance adventure tourers where it’s users are known to take them to the most remote locations especially for those who prefer going out on solo rides like the users of the Super Tenere 1200. 

Innovations like this crash detection and notification system are welcome additions for safety features of motorcycles. Motorcycle enthusiasts and riders already embark on a hazardous undertaking and nowadays, manufacturers have been going in leaps and bounds to make the experience even safer before and after an accident. 

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