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Yamaha debuts the new Grand Filano retro-style scooter in Indonesia

Would you like to see this charming scooter in the Philippine market?

Yamaha debuts the new Grand Filano retro-style scooter in Indonesia

Today's generation of scooters is fairly outstanding thanks to their technology, features, and performance. Having said that, styling is more important than ever in attracting new riders to these useful two-wheelers. With its recent crop of fashionable scooters available throughout the Asian market, one could argue that Yamaha has been on the money.

Some of them are even more unique because of their classic-inspired style. We've seen it in models like the Fascino on the Indian market, the Mio Fazzio that is sold locally, and now the Grand Filano that has just debuted in Indonesia. In fact, if all these names sound a bit Italian to you, you're probably correct because Yamaha is presumably vying with an Italian scooter maker noted for its classic fashion.

Yamaha Grand Filano

The Yamaha Grand Filano may not have a true, authentic, unadulterated scootering pedigree, but it is dependable, reasonably priced, and useful. In this situation, you can consider attractive looks as an added benefit. Nevertheless, the Grand Filano will make its Indonesian market debut in 2023 and is packed with a ton of technology that stands in stark contrast to its vintage-inspired design.

First off, it features what Yamaha calls Mild Hybrid Technology, which confirms that it is a very fuel-efficient vehicle. It has a 125cc single-cylinder engine that can produce up to eight horsepower and seven and a half pound-feet of torque at its maximum capacity. The Grand Filano has 12-inch wheels up front and back and is supported by a conventional telescopic fork and a monoshock at the back, just like the majority of fashionable scooters of this sort. It’s also equipped with a front disc and a rear drum as well as single-channel ABS as standard. 

An LCD dash with Bluetooth connectivity is one of the other high-tech features available on the new Grand Filano. Along with 27 liters of under-seat storage, the scooter includes LED lights all around that give ample illumination. You can use the built-in USB charger to charge your electronics on longer journeys. 

In terms of availability and cost, the Grand Filano is currently only sold in the Indonesian market. It has a suggested retail price of IDR 27 million, or roughly P99,000. Unfortunately, the likelihood of this scooter being made available in the Philippines is pretty slim, as its styling and technology seem to be too similar to that of the already available Yamaha Mio Fazzio, which retails for P88,900. .

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