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Would you ride this wild custom motorcycle based on the Yamaha MT-09 SP?

Spanish aftermarket manufacturer Puig is responsible for this creation.

Custom Puig Diablo based on Yamaha MT-09 SP

The custom motorbike scene is characterized by neo-retro and classic machines that have been constructed and modified in various ways. While some custom builders and shops make use of modern day naked bikes and sportbikes as their blank canvases, these creations are considerably rare, and can be underwhelming or excessively modified at times.

What we have here today is a one-off two-wheeler based on a cutting-edge machine. The bike has undergone extensive research and development by none other than Puig, a Spanish aftermarket equipment maker. Christened "Diablo,” it's a wild, futuristic concept machine based on the Yamaha MT-09 SP, though it's difficult to find any sign of the Japanese naked bike behind all the bodywork at first glance. 

Puig's Everflowing Design initiative resulted in the Diablo, which emphasizes aerodynamics. The sleek bodywork of the bike has been wind tunnel tested, and it radically changes the rider's position from an upright, more comfort-focused stance, to an aggressive, sportbike-esque seating position. Furthermore, certain bodywork pieces have active aerodynamics, with sensors that can detect when particular elements move in order to increase downforce.

The windscreen and side-fairings, in particular, have active aero. The windscreen retracts up and down to protect the rider from the wind, while the fairings expand to the sides to provide downforce and airflow ducting to cool the engine. The sleek rear cowl with LEDs perfectly integrated into the design, as well as the completely revised front end with a streamlined single LED headlight, are further standout features. The cowl sweeps over the triple trees in the front, providing the bike a fluid, aggressive attitude. Disc brake coverings are meant to give even greater aerodynamics while maintaining a futuristic appearance.

It's easy to envision how difficult, if not impossible, it would be to build and market anything like this for a range of street-oriented vehicles. Furthermore, so much R&D already goes into bikes that leave the factory that changing aerodynamic features like these may seem unnecessary. Nonetheless, active aero is a feature that is only now beginning to appear on production two-wheelers, and will definitely become more common in the future.

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