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Would you like to see Yatri Project Zero electric motorcycle in the Philippines?

Is this the future of performance electric motorcycles?

Would you like to see Yatri Project Zero electric motorcycle in the Philippines?

It would appear that the global motorcycle industry is making a gradual shift towards electrification. Although it may not seem like it yet, especially in the local market, there’s no denying that electric mobility is undoubtedly cleaner, more affordable, and ultimately more sustainable than that of fossil fuels. At present, we’re seeing a lot of lightweight electric vehicles in the form of scooters, trikes, and e-bikes plying the streets. However, what happens when you crave for more performance out of an electric motor?

There are indeed a few electric motorcycles which put performance in the spotlight. However, at the moment, these bikes are few and far between. The likes of Zero Motorcycles, although extremely popular in the US, have yet to make their presence felt in the Asian market. There is, however, one EV startup which seeks to inject a dash of performance into the electric motorcycle sphere. Yatri, a Nepalese company specializing in the development of electric two-wheelers has stated that it is currently getting closer to releasing its first production motorcycle in the form of the Project Zero, or P0 for short. 

Yatri Project Zero

Designed as a sleek cafe racer-style motorcycle, the P0 combines modern technology with retro styling. Apart from the fact that this electric motorcycle will boast some premium tech, Yatri has given the bike quite a bit of grunt out of its electric motor. As far as styling is concerned, it’s pretty clear to see that the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 played a role as far as design inspirations for the P0 are concerned. It gets a similarly styled trellis frame, tank and seat assembly, and round LED headlight. Suspension duties are handled by inverted forks and a rear mono-shock combo.

Now, as far as performance is concerned, the Yatri P0 will come with a 48 kW electric motor which churns out the equivalent of 64 horsepower. This puts it at par with the likes of the Kawasaki Z650, as far as power is concerned. Capable of propelling itself from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in under 5 seconds, the P0’s top speed is limited to 140 kilometers per hour, in order to account for safety and the longevity of the electric motor. Providing the energy to this spritely mill is a high-tech Lithium-Nickel-Manganese battery pack which is capable of storing 8 kWh of energy. Yatri claims a stellar range of 230 kilometers on a single charge. 

While the bike is still currently under development, Yatri has yet to release any pricing figures for their upcoming performance electric motorcycle. Would you like to see more bikes like this in the future? How much would you be willing to pay for a performance-oriented electric motorcycle like this?

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