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Would you like to see Bajaj electric scooters in the Philippines in 2022?

The Indian motorcycle giant is setting up a mega factory that’s expected to begin operations in June 2022.

Would you like to see Bajaj electric scooters in the Philippines in 2022?

Let’s face it, vehicles made in countries like India and China often get a bad reputation thanks to the stereotypical poor quality and shoddy reliability of machines from these parts of the world. However, recent times have proven that made-in-India and made-in-China aren’t so bad after all. In fact, major industry players such as KTM, BMW, and Harley-Davidson have begun partnering up with both Indian and Chinese companies, and outsourcing their production to these countries. Naturally, the lower labor and manufacturing costs in these countries serves as a huge strategic advantage when it comes to the global motorcycle industry. 

Now, naturally, the result of this would be homegrown Indian and Chinese companies coming out of the woodwork thanks to manufacturing skills and techniques learned from their international partners. The likes of CFMOTO and TVS, as well as Bajaj, are all making their presence felt in the global motorcycle industry. This is especially true these days, as we are beginning to see the advent of electrification across other parts of Asia and Europe. While we may not feel the full extent of the EV race in the Philippines, it’s only a matter of time until we begin seeing electric vehicles trickle into the mainstream market.

Husqvarna Vektorr Concept

It’s starting all over the world: Europe has already laid out mandates regarding the use of electric vehicles starting 2035, other countries in Asia are also rapidly integrating electric vehicles into their transport sectors. In fact, Bajaj, one of the biggest Indian motorcycle manufacturers, and one you may be familiar with thanks to its local partnership with Kawasaki, has invested a huge amount of resources solely towards the production of electric vehicles. The Indian motorcycle giant recently invested the equivalent of $40 million on a new manufacturing facility that’s geared up to mass produce EVs for the global market. 

We already have an idea of what models may come out of this factory. In India, Bajaj has a popular electric scooter called the Chetak, and has been selling it on and off in the market for the past couple of years. Furthermore, Bajaj and Husqvarna have teamed up to jointly develop a new electric scooter called the Vektorr. It has also been speculated that Bajaj will be releasing its own electric scooter based on the same platform as that of the Vektorr. Last but not least, Bajaj also has a hand in the development of Husqvarna’s electric street bike, the E-Pilen. 

The new manufacturing facility is expected to have a capacity of half a million electric two-wheelers per year. In total, the factory will take up a land area of more than 500,000 square feet, and provide hundreds of job opportunities for Indian locals. Apart from satisfying the demands of the Indian market, the facility will also produce electric bikes and scooters for neighboring Asian markets, as well as those in Europe and Central America. As such, it really isn’t a far-fetched possibility that we will be seeing electric scooters from Bajaj in the Philippines towards the tail end of 2022. 

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