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Would Voge’s new Sfida SR125 maxi-scooter make for an excellent commuter in Manila traffic?

The Chinese manufacturer has released the Suzuki Burgman-rivaling scooter in the European market.

Voge Sfida SR125 maxi-scooter

The Sfida SR4 max-scooter, a full-size maxi-scooter built to compete with the likes of the BMW C 400 GT and Yamaha XMAX, was launched by Chinese manufacturer Voge at EICMA 2022. Voge is a high-end spinoff of one of China’s largest motorcycle manufacturers, Loncin. Although maxi-scooters are common in Europe, young, inexperienced riders may find them difficult to access due to the strict licensing requirements in the region.

Because of this, most manufacturers provide entry-level 125cc versions of their larger models, whether it's a maxi-scoot, naked bike, or sportbike. Obviously unwilling to leave a blank space in its model portfolio, Voge has released the Sfida SR125, a more approachable variant of the Sfida SR4, in the European market. It resembles its bigger sibling and is furnished with maxi-scooter accessories. It sports two LED turn indicators on either side, a split LED headlamp, and a large top visor. The Sfida SR125 also has a rear luggage rack for extra storage.

Voge Sfida SR125

The SR125 has a ton of neat features, like Bluetooth-enabled LCD, automated start/stop, LED illumination, keyless operation, automatic warning lights, and more. As a result of these technological advantages, the Sfida SR125 rules the market for entry-level maxi-scooters. In addition, Voge added a dash cam that is placed right in front of the headlight and the visor. It goes without saying that this will be helpful for anyone who wants to record their rides and for insurance coverage in the event of an accident.

The Sfida SR125's 124.99cc single-cylinder engine produces 10.9 horsepower and 8 lb-ft of torque, which is plenty for commuting and approachable for novices. Voge claims that the top speed of the Sfida is around 64 mph. Its suspension consists of twin rear shocks, conventional telescopic front forks, a single front and rear disc, and dual-channel ABS for increased safety. Not to mention, the entry-level maxi-scooter features wheels that are 13 inches in diameter in the back and 14 inches up front. Voge has not yet disclosed the Sfida SR125's price or availability as of the time of writing.

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