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We could be seeing new bikes from MV Agusta soon

The Italian company seeks to expand into other segments.

MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR

When you think of MV Agusta, chances are images of exorbitantly expensive, and equally high-performance machines come to mind. Their slogan, Motorcycle Art, is in and of itself the representation of what their company’s ethos is all about. That is creating the most stunningly beautiful motorcycles to ever hit the open road. However, not many of MV Agusta’s machines ply the roads especially in the Philippines, simply because of how expensive these bikes are. 

Well, there may be a sliver of hope for you MV Agusta fans who find the premium price to be just a little too premium, as MV Agusta CEO, Timur Sardarov, has confirmed that the legendary Italian motorcycle company is venturing into new platforms. Most notable would be a mid-sized, 500 cc adventure bike platform. This would be the first modern-day MV Agusta to sport such a meager displacement. Perhaps this motorcycle will be developed in conjunction with QianJiang Motors in China — the same folks responsible for all the Benelli motorcycles we’ve been drooling over. 

Apart from the exciting 500cc platform, MV Agusta is also planning on overhauling its 800 platforms, as well as reintroducing its 950 platforms as Euro 5-compliant. Lastly, Sardarov also announced plans regarding the development of a new 1,000 cc adventure — likely to be similar to the 500 cc platform mentioned earlier. 

We are also moving towards becoming a mobility company rather than just a motorcycle company because we have a new DNA in which mobility is becoming more important.

Mr. Sardarov also expressed his interest in elevating the company into more than just a motorcycle manufacturer. That being said, resources are being allocated towards the development of electric powertrains. So it isn’t unlikely that we will be seeing high-performance electric two-wheelers from MV Agusta. 

Now all this news seems rather exciting, however, we may have to hold our anticipation for quite some time, as Mr. Sardarov did not give a clear cut timeline with regard to the implementation of these plans. However, we can expect the updated Euro5 models to begin rolling out by 2021. 

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