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Watch Rok Bagoros stunt on the brand new 2022 KTM RC 390

Want to see the new RC do a wheelie? Well then, there’s more than just a wheelie in this video.

Rok Bagoros KTM RC 390

KTM just launched the RC 390. The world premiere revealed much about the new Austrian supersport. As such, we’re eager to see such a bike out on the road and put through its paces on the race track. 

It’s got an all-new look and features that mimic the delightful package found in the KTM 390 Duke, but with the tech and safety kit found in the 390 Adventure. On top of that, it gets adjustable suspension, a quick shifter, and a tweaked exhaust note for a racy sound. 

What better rider to prove to you just how great the bike is than KTM stunt rider, Rok Bagoros? In his video posted on his YouTube channel, he gives a walkaround of the bike, and of course, showcases his myriad of tricks on the bike. 

Bagoros has visited many countries in his career as a stunt rider, and he posts regularly on his YouTube channel. The man has visited the Philippines quite a few times in the past performing to showcase the capabilities of KTM’s Ready to Race machines wherever. 

From wheelies, stoppies, and drifts, it’s all mesmerizing as he takes it around the race track going knee down in corners and skidding the rear whenever he feels like it. The new RC’s brakes are redesigned and boast better stopping potential compared to the first generation. 

At its core, the 2022 RC 390 is still the same great bike but with a number of practical upgrades and additions that make it an even better racing machine. It still has the same 44 hp single-cylinder engine with 373ccs of displacement and highway legality thanks to the folks over at Ayala. Speaking of which, the Philippine distributor hasn’t made any announcements regarding this all-new model. It seems likely, however, that the bike will make it to the Philippines and be produced close to home. 

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