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Voge wants to enter the high-capacity ADV segment with the new 900DS

The big adventure bike will be debuted at EICMA 2022.

Voge wants to enter the high-capacity ADV segment with the new 900DS

With fresh and interesting offers about to enter the European market, Voge, the luxury brand of the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Loncin, has recently upped its game in the mid- to high-capacity class. For those of you who don't know, Loncin is one of the biggest and most well-known manufacturers in China; without them, motorcycles like the BMW F 850 GS, F 900 R, and F 900 XR wouldn't exist.

Yes, Loncin and BMW have a long-standing cooperation in which the Chinese company is in charge of producing the engines for several BMW models. This is comparable to the collaboration between KTM and CFMOTO on the 790 line of bikes. Having said that, it's really very unexpected that Loncin is just now releasing its own version of a vehicle powered by the BMW-commissioned engine via its premium Voge brand.

Voge 900DS

The ADV sector, where motorcycles like the aforementioned F 850 GS, KTM 790 Adventure, and the recently unveiled CFMOTO 800MT are showing their supremacy, is of course the ideal area to present a middleweight rival. Voge's 900DS, where DS probably stands for Dual-Sport, bears many similarities to the F 850 GS, particularly in terms of the engine's extremely comparable construction.

It is powered by a parallel-twin engine, which has not yet been revealed but is very certainly either the 895cc motor found in the F 900 R or the 853cc motor found in the F 850 GS. Whatever it is, it should produce 64 ft-lbs of torque and close to 100 horsepower. It has a similar set of capabilities to the F 850 GS, including a wire-spoke design and hefty, tubeless dual-sport wheels measuring 21 inches up front and 18 inches down back. The bike has a chain-driven six-speed manual gearbox that sends power to the rear wheel; it is not yet known whether the bike will include a quick-shifter.

Voge 900DS

The Voge 900DS has a very European-inspired aesthetic; its fascia resembles that of the F 850 GS, possibly with a touch of Triumph Tiger 900 thrown in. A piece of the trellis subframe is visible in the tail section, which is sleek and gives off an athletic appearance. The aggressive front fairing is significantly more squared off than that of the GS. Although very little is known about the specs, Voge plans to display this ADV bike at EICMA in November 2022.

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